Be Our Guest

1h 10min - Iris and Liz Taylor usher in a new era at the Cortez, which may be declared a historical landmark ... if the guests can behave themselves.

Battle Royale

1h 10min - Iris and Liz Taylor enlist Ramona in their efforts. Sally reminisces about her past, and John bags another trophy.

Episode 10: She Gets Revenge

1h 13min - Liz Taylor and Iris make a fateful decision. Donovan confronts Rudy. Alex enlists John in her quest to help the children.

Episode 9: She Wants Revenge

1h - As the Countess's wedding approaches, she schemes to reunite with a long-lost love. Alex tries to bring the children back to the Cortez.

The Ten Commandments Killer

1h - John discovers the identity of the Ten Commandments Killer, and Sally's arrangement with March comes to light.

Episode 7: Flicker

1h - As renovations continue at the Cortez, a secret from the hotel's past comes to light. John checks himself into a psychiatric hospital.

Episode 6: Room 33

1h - Ramona and Donovan return to the Cortez to exact vengeance. John is plagued by disturbing visions. Liz Taylor falls in love.

Room Service

1h - Alex takes extraordinary measures to help Max. Iris bonds with Liz Taylor when demanding guests test her patience on Halloween.

Episode 4: Devil's Night

1h - On Devil's Night, serial killers flock to the Cortez for a celebratory dinner. Alex takes Holden home, hoping to figure out what's wrong with him.

Episode 3: Mommy

1h - An ex-lover seeks revenge on the Countess. Memories of Holden haunt Alex. Tristan tries to stop Will from revamping the Cortez.

Chutes and Ladders

1h 45min - Iris tells John the story of the Hotel Cortez and its twisted original owner, James Patrick March. Will presides over a fashion show in the lobby.

Checking In

1h 30min - On the trail of a serial killer who murders couples in gruesome fashion, detective John Lowe follows an anonymous tip to the Hotel Cortez.


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