Episode 612: One Last Job

Episode 602: Adventure Time: A Glitch is a Glitch

Episode 78: Billy's Bucket List

Episode 77: The Red Throne

21min - The Red Throne: Flame King breaks out of his prison and takes over the Flame Kingdom again. Betty: Finn finds Billy’s Bucket List ..

Episode 76: Blade of Grass

Episode 75: Lemonhope Part One…

Episode 74: James/Root Beer Guy

Episode 73: Play Date/The Pit

21min - Play Date: Abracadaniel and the Ice King become best bros. The Pit: Jake is kidnapped by Kee-Oth, the blood demon and thrown in a pit..

Episode 72: We fixed a truck

Episode 71: Dungeon Train/Red…

Episode 70: Love Games/The Box…

Episode 69: Earth & Water/The…

Episode 68: Time Sandwich/Too…

21min - Time Sandwich: Jake's delicious sandwich is stolen by magic man. Too Old: Finn, Jake and PB discover a talented mutant named Lemonhope..

Episode 67: Frost & Fire/Sky…

21min - Frost & Fire: Finn finds Flame Princess battling Ice King exciting.. Sky Witch: Marceline is tracking Maja the Sky Witch..

Episode 66: Jake Suit/Be More

21min - Jakesuit: Jake is tired of Finn using his body as armour. Be More: Finn and Jake are on a mission to save BMO from malfunctioning..

Episode 65: Candy Streets

Episode 64: Party's Over, Isla…

Episode 63: Shh!/The Suitor

Episode 621: Princess Potluck

Episode 59: The Great Birdman

Episode 58: Little Dude/Vault…

21min - Little Dude: Finn’s hat magically comes to life!. Vault of Bones: Finn’s worried that Flame Princess still has evil tendencies..

Episode 571: Mystery Dungeon

Episode 56: Jake the Dad/Davey

Episode 55: All the Little…

20min - All the Little People: Magic Man slips Finn a bag filled with a mini Finn and all his friends. Bad Little Boy: Marcy tells a Fiona and Cake story….

Episode 54: Five More Short…

Episode 53: Finn the Human

Billy's Bucket List

Finn finds the hero Billy's bucket list and decides to complete the unfinished items as a final tribute.

Lemonhope Part Two

Lemonhope Part One

Bad Timing

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