Episode 10: Moments of Vision

45min - A sense of doom looms over Kattegat as bloodshed ensues. As the defeated army flees in the face of the victors, a legendary warrior makes his way home.

Episode 9: A Simple Story

Episode 8: The Joke

Episode 7: Full Moon

Episode 6: The Message

Episode 5: The Prisoner

44min - Ivar meets his match in Bishop Heahmund, while Floki returns to Kattegat and Bjorn receives a lavish welcome in North Africa.

Episode 4: The Plan

44min - Guided by Bishop Heahmund's visions, the Saxons devise a battle plan. Ivar the Boneless strategizes on his own as the Vikings undergo increasing pressure. Bjorn Ironside finds himself in a new territory and must convince the local commander he is a trader and not a raider.

Episode 3: Homeland

44min - Celebrations are cut short in the aftermath of the battle at York. Ragnar Lothbrok’s sons are pitted against each other as tensions reach an all-time high and each is forced to choose a side.

Episode 2: The Departed

Episode 1: The Fisher King