Episode 101: The Making of the Mob: Al Capone's Secret Cop Brother

Chicago: Last Man Standing

Chicago: Sin City

43min - Tony Accardo sets his sights on Las Vegas, but when Sam Giancana incurs the wrath of young attorney Robert F. Kennedy, The Outfit is threatened.

Chicago: New Blood

Chicago: Judgment Day

43min - Al Capone outwits Eliot Ness, but Capone's criminal empire remains in jeopardy when the IRS plants an undercover agent in his gang.

Chicago: St. Valentine's Day Massacre

43min - Capone uses the St. Valentine's Day Massacre to assert his power over his enemies. President Hoover takes notice, and Eliot Ness takes on Capone.

Chicago: Blood Filled Streets

43min - The Irish and Italians start a bootlegging war.

Chicago: A Death in the Family

Chicago: Capone's First Kill