Strøm, lei eller kjøp

Episode 10: Threepeat?

40min - New uniforms ramp up the excitement as the Sharks arrive in Orlando to attempt a third consecutive championship and go sightseeing at Disney World.

Episode 9: Romance and Retribution

41min - With Nationals looming, the Sharks have their chance to prove how far they've come. But personal lives might get in the way for L.A. and Nubs.

Episode 8: Rock Bottom

40min - The Sharks try to get back on track as Ali shakes things up at practice, Nubs and Horch get tattoos, and Knoxy and the twins visit a donkey sanctuary.

Episode 7: Texas Stars

41min - The Sharks go to Dallas for the NCA All-Star National Championship. But after a fun night of line dancing, nerves and mistakes shake their confidence.

Episode 6: Desperate Measures

40min - Early setbacks lead Ali to make a risky decision about a replacement flyer for the first big showcase. Meanwhile, Nubs looks forward to her prom.

Episode 5: Stage Fright

40min - The Sharks do some soul-searching after Chomp Down. In between tough training and stress, hockey boys are a nice distraction for Knoxy and the twins.

Episode 4: Showcase Showdown

40min - Coach Ali works with the Sharks on a new routine that includes the risky "Scorp-Up" for Chomp Down, a video that goes out to millions on the internet.

Episode 3: Summer Heat

41min - While squad members prepare for their first big event at a pro football game, one girl worries about becoming an alternate, and the twins try dating.

Episode 2: Standing Out and Fitting In

39min - New members bring unique skills to the Sharks as they head to Hot Shots camp in Miami, where fun follows intense competition among cheer squad elites.

Episode 1: Building a New Dream Team

40min - The world-champion Sharks enter the finals determined to repeat their win. Coach Ali looks toward next year to keep the momentum going for the team.