Strøm, lei eller kjøp

Episode 5: Anime e Sangue: Chapter 5 - The fall

29min - The battle for the Shaper gets harder and harder. The truth about Azazel is finally revealed, destroying the fragile balance of the group. Old and new enemies reveal their true intents.

Episode 4: Anime e Sangue: Chapter 4 - The flower of Eden

21min - The Shaper is near. Sariel have to face the consequences of his actions while Pan and the others fight against the army of the guardians. They have to defeat them all before the Shaper come, or they might lose they're only chance to go back home.

Episode 3: Anime e Sangue: Chapter 3 - No place like home

23min - Cyrano and the others finds themselves trapped in Raziel's prisons while Pan is interrogated by Orlando and The Doctor. They have to find a way out before the guardians finds the truth about Sariel's intent.

Episode 2: Anime e Sangue: Chapter 2 - In cold blood

22min - In order to find the Shaper and fulfil their mission, Pan and the others have to find Erzsebeth Bathory, a powerful ex-guardian. She is the only one who can help them track the shaper. Unfortunately she has different plans.

Episode 1: Anime e Sangue Chapter 1 - An awfully big adventure.

26min - Peter Pan is dying. The mysterious Sariel offers him a chance to travel to our world and full fill a mission in order to go back home alive. The boy reincarnates in a girl's body and reluctantly teams up with Cyrano De Bergerac, The Scarecrow from Oz and one of the 300 Spartans.