Diego Maradona
2019, Dokumentar

biografi, dokumentar, sport: 5. juli 1984 kommer Diego Armando Maradona til Napoli for en rekordhøy overgangssum. Maradona var velsignet på fotballbanen, men forbannet utenfor. Alt var som en drøm med en veldig høy pris. Diego kunne gjøre hva han ville så lenge han leverte under kampene, men da magien forsvant ble han mot sin vilje fange i byen.

Take Us Home: Leeds United
2019, Dokumentar

dokumentar, sport: Den tidligere storklubben Leeds United har ett mål for øyet: Å komme tilbake til Premier League. Ledet av trener Marcelo Bielsa tas fans, spillere og en hel by med på en utrolig reise full av dramatikk.

2021, Dokumentar

biografi, dokumentar, sport: «Tiger» er en dokumentar som går i dybden på det globale golfikonet Tiger Woods’ vekst, fall og comeback. Dokumentaren inneholder klipp som aldri har vært vist før, og avslørende intervjuer med de som kjenner Tiger best.

The 2014 Ryder Cup Official Film
2014, Dokumentar

dokumentar, sport: On the 15th fairway on an unforgettable afternoon at Gleneagles, two captains shook hands, swapped stories and reflected on the fact the winning point at the Ryder Cup had been clinched by the shot of the lifetime. Captain Paul McGinley’s side led 10-6 going into the final day and reached 14 ½ needed to win the Cup outright when Welsh rookie Jamie Donaldson beat Keegan Bradley 4&3. This meant Europe completed their mission in the singles to win the 40th Ryder Cup 16 ½ - 11 ½ against the United States at Gleneagles. Europe have now won 8 of the last 10 Ryder Cups, while the US have not won an away match since 1993.

Athlete A: Turnskandalen i USA
2020, Dokumentar

krim, sport: Brutt tillit, knuste drømmer og traumer. Det er bare toppen av en kultur preget av overgrep, korrupsjon og mørklegging.

2008, Dokumentar

biografi, dokumentar, sport: Film- og fotballkunst smelter sammen i denne personlige og humoristiske hyllesten til fenomenet Diego Maradona. Gjennom intime intervjuer og historiske klipp, leter den to ganger Gullpalme-vinneren Emir Kusturica etter historien bak den kontroversielle legenden, som er minst like mye revolusjonær som ballgeni.

Red Army
2014, Dokumentar

biografi, dokumentar, historie: RED ARMY is an inspiring true story about the Cold War played out on the ice rink, and a man who stood up to a powerful system, paving the way for generations of Russians. From Oscar(r) nominated and Emmy award-winning filmmakers, RED ARMY examines the most successful dynasty in sports history: the Red Army hockey team. Told from the perspective of its captain Slava Fetisov, the story portrays his transformation from national hero to political enemy. With the demise of Communism came the end of the Cold War, as Soviet players began joining the National Hockey League. The film explores how sport mirrors social and cultural movements in Cold War Russia.

All or Nothing: Brazil National Team
2020, Dokumentar

dokumentar, sport: The Brazilian National Team goes on a journey of faith, brotherhood, and hard work to reimagine their identity and to re-engage a disgruntled fanbase as they attempt to win the 2019 Copa América on home soil. From the locker room, trough the trainings, to the games, we go exclusively behind-the-scenes with the world’s most famous football team.

The Scheme
2020, Dokumentar

krim, sport: HBOs sportsdokumentarer presenterer en førstepersonsfortelling om hvordan den 25 år gamle Christian Dawkins endte opp midt i en av de største kriminalsakene i collegesportens historie.

Sugar Mountain
2014, Dokumentar

action, eventyr, dokumentar: An Alaskan ski adventure epic about the quest to find the mythical Sugar Mountain. 8 friends leave behind their urban latte-lives to exist - alone and unassisted - for a month on this magical remote glacier. They climb, ride and explore the ambitious peaks. Its full immersion. Full connection. And full removal from the city clique. Set in the wilds of Alaska, Sugar Mountain brings a fresh style and a unique outlook to the adventure documentary genre by replacing helicopters with bleeding edge drone technology, and cosmic animation. The film, directed by Richard James of the acclaimed White Silk Road on snowboarding in Afghanistan, is produced by Oscar McLennan and filmed with bleeding edge drone tech by 3D Robotics. It stars world class skiers Chris Booth, Watkin McLennan, Tim Myers and Miles Clark. Sugar Mountain flaunts an original score by Geordie Miller, and artwork by the prolific Celeste Byers of California.

Calum von Moger: Unbroken
2019, Dokumentar

biografi, dokumentar, sport: Ingen kroppsbyggere er immune mot skader og nederlag, men de beste klarer å komme tilbake sterkere enn før.

Don't Crack Under Pressure
2015, Dokumentar

action, eventyr, sport: Vågestykker er det nok tryggest å overlate til våghalser. Bli med verden rundt og se idrettsutøvere levere makeløse prestasjoner i lunefulle naturomgivelser.

League of Legends Origins
2019, Dokumentar

gaming, sport: Det startet som en gratis demo. Nå selger det ut arenaer. Dette er historien om et dataspill som erobret verden.

24-timers krigen
2016, Dokumentar

bil og båt, historie, sport: Tidenes største duell på racerbanen førte til at ett selskap ble detronisert, mens to dynastier befestet sin posisjon.

Toni Kroos
2019, Dokumentar

biografi, sport: There are only a few iconic football stars being constantly admired across the globe for their art of handling a ball and controlling a game, winning basically all the relevant titles. There are a hand full of players in each generation and Toni Kroos is one of them.

The Art of Flight
2011, Dokumentar

action, livsstil, sport: A new breed of action sports film comes to life as Red Bull Media House, in association with Brain Farm Digital Cinema, present “The Art of FLIGHT”, a Curt Morgan Film. Two years in the making, “The Art of FLIGHT” gives iconic snowboarder Travis Rice and friends the opportunity to redefine what is possible in the mountains. Experience the highs, as new tricks are landed and new zones opened, alongside the lows, where avalanches, accidents, and wrong-turns strike. Immerse yourself in a cinematic experience as Brain Farm and their arsenal of filmmaking technology capture the culture, wildlife and scenic landscapes the riders take in along the way. Join in the ride as the creators of “That’s It, That’s All” completely rewrite the formula for action sports cinema with “The Art of FLIGHT.”

2004, Dokumentar

dokumentar, sport: School is in session, featuring the honor students of skiing performing at the top of their game. Classrooms include: Bella Coola, B.C., Aspen CO, and the Alps of Norway. Senior Class member Shane McConkey returns with a performance of a lifetime, ski basing across the Alps and absolutely schooling his home of Lake Tahoe, CA. Sophomores Tanner Hall, Mark Abma and Eric Pollard deliver the best all around segments in skiing. The freshmen class of Ingrid Backstrom and Tanner Rainville will open people’s minds to the next level of skiing. The class of 2004 proves to be the best in skiing’s history.

Slednecks 13
2010, Dokumentar

dokumentar, sport: Once again the Slednecks team has taken snowmobiling to a whole new level. Slednecks 13 features some of the most progressive riding our cameras have ever caught on film.  Heath Frisby returns to the film series with the goal of winning Gold at X.  Chris Burandt's technical tree lines will leave you speechless. Paul Thacker and Cory Davis turn Alaska into a playground. Dan Treadway, Chris Brown, and Geoff Kyle rip up some of the deepest powder ever to hit British Columbia, while Cody Borchers and Brett Turcotte take freestyle tricks to the backcountry. Slednecks 13 also introduces a new star, Kalle "KJ" Johansson, that is redefining backcountry riding with amazing drops and technical lines. Shot on beautiful High Definition, the cinematography is almost as good as the riding. Slednecks 13 is the best film we have made in years!

Andy Murray: Resurfacing
2019, Dokumentar

biografi, dokumentar, sport: A documentary film that tracks the tennis star’s devastating injury journey between 2017-2019. From the front lines of surgical theatres, to the intimate corners of his home, we live alongside and witness Andy at his most vulnerable. Considered Britain’s greatest sportsman ever, we see why Andy puts himself through the unimaginable to get back to the sport he loves.

Red Bull Storm Chase
2015, Dokumentar

action, eventyr, dokumentar: This film chronicles a two-year-long windsurfing journey. The criteria were simple: winds greater than force ten and ten world-class windsurfers. The result was footage of some of the most extreme windsurfing ever.

Away From Home
2018, Dokumentar

dokumentar, sport: On May 10th 2016, after 112 years of calling The Boleyn Ground home, West Ham United played their final match in the iconic stadium before moving across the East End to the London Stadium. Filmed over the last season at the Boleyn ground and the first season at The London Stadium, Away From Home puts the West Ham fans at the forefront of this monumental move. The rollercoaster of emotions they have experienced during the last few seasons, their hopes and fears for the future and ultimately what West Ham United means to them through memories, rituals and relationships as well as community, identity and class connotations and a sense of belonging. In the aftermath of the move, Away From Home returns to Upton Park to illustrate the devastating impact on local businesses that relied heavily on the match day revenue and also explores the proposed legacy of what once was West Ham's home. A year on from the move, the supporters and businesses are revisited, shedding light on whether their hopes or indeed fears have been realised.

Seven Sunny Days
2007, Dokumentar

dokumentar, sport: Matchstick Productions is proud to bring you the best stories of 2007 in this epic ski film, chronicling the foremost skiers in the world as they search for deep snow, big kickers, and the experience of a lifetime. The film from the producers Movie of the Year features the best talent-pool of skiers ever assembled performing at the top of their game in the world's best locations. So kick back and enjoy the short stories from a long year. Starring: Simon Dumont, Sammy Carlson, Jon Olsson, TJ Schiller, Mark Abma, Hugo Harrisson, Shane McConkey, Ingrid Backstrom, Sarah Burke, Eric Hjorleifson, Mike Wilson, Rory Bushfield, Chris Rubens, Colby West, CR Johnson, James Heim, and Mike Douglas.

Momentum Generation
2018, Dokumentar

historie, livsstil, sport: På 90-tallet tok noen tenåringssurfere fra Oahu, Hawaii profesjonell surfing til nye høyder. Gjennom arkivmateriale og intervjuer med blant annet Kelly Slater, Rob Machado og Shane Dorian, forflytter regissørene Jeff og Michael Zimbalist publikum til det øyeblikket da en gruppe ungdommer slo rekorder, vant verdensmesterskapstitler og omdefinerte sporten for all fremtid.

Football Hell
2015, Dokumentar

dokumentar, sport: In Qatar, allegedly 4000 workers will die to put on the 2022 Football World Cup. This staggering figure indicates the slave-like conditions the builders of football's most expensive construction project are enduring. Bullied, abused, yet somehow still grateful - their choice is between dehumanising conditions or a return to poverty in their home countries.