Episode #1.10

Episode 9: Episode 9

58min - Old scores are settled and new alliances are forged in the series finale. Elliot makes a choice that defines his future. Contains strong language.

Episode 8: Episode 8

54min - With the stakes higher than ever, the Wallaces are forced to go into hiding. Luan risks his life to rid himself of Mosi. Contains strong language.

Episode 7: Episode 7

53min - The truth about Finn's murder is revealed - and the Wallaces and the Dumanis will never be the same again. Contains strong language and violence.

Episode 6: Episode 6

56min - Marian puts the pressure on Sean to uncover Finn's killer. How far is he prepared to go in pursuit of the truth? Contains strong language.

Episode 5: Episode 5

55min - Darren wrestles with the chaos he's unleashed. But when mercenaries set their sights on him, will Kinney be able to help? Contains strong language.

Episode 4: Episode 4

58min - Elliot's loyalty is tested. Sean throws a dinner to unite the two families and Alexander is asked to meet an old contact. Contains strong language.

Episode 3: Episode 3

57min - Lale is asked to make an impossible decision. Sean enacts a dangerous plan and Elliot takes on a new foe. Contains strong language and violence.

Episode 2: Episode 2

57min - Elliot makes a connection with the Dumani family. Meanwhile, Sean makes a discovery about his father's murder. Contains strong language and violence.

Episode 1: Episode 1

1h 33min - Finn Wallace, London's most powerful criminal, is dead - and nobody knows who ordered the hit. Sky original. Contains strong language and violence.

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