The Victim
2019, Serie

Crímenes, Drama, Misterio: Recorded in Providence, RI in 1979, "One For The Road" captures The Kinks at their peak. Playing songs from their early British Invasion catalog and their iconic album "Low Budget," this high energy set is vintage rock n' roll and pure fun.

Escape From Alcatraz
1979, Serie

Biografía, Crímenes, Drama: He's a lifelong hardened criminal. He's escaped from prison before. But can he flee this notorious island penitentiary?

The Casual Vacancy
2015, Serie

Drama: Based on the best-selling book by J.K. Rowling, this three-part drama series chronicles a town torn apart when an anonymous blogger begins revealing ugly local secrets.

El comienzo de la vida
2016, Serie

Documental, Familia: Los primeros años son clave para el desarrollo infantil y resulta que también lo son para el futuro de la humanidad.

Kung Fury
2015, Serie

Acción, Aventuras, Comedia: Miami Police Department Detective and martial artist Kung Fury travels in time from the 1980’s to World War II to kill Adolf Hitler (aka "Kung Führer"), and avenge his friend's death at the hands of the Nazi leader. A time machine error sends him further back to the Viking Age. With the help of a female Viking and the Norse God Thor, Kung Fury continues his time travels in order to put an end to the Third Reich once and for all.

Grease: Live
2016, Serie

Música, Amor: They shared lovely summer nights. Then comes school. Can they remain hopelessly devoted in the halls of Rydell High?

The Good Life
2010, Serie

Documental: A romantic mood is unexpectedly ruined when Robert - a fastidious man of the near-future - dines with his lover Melissa.

2019, Serie

Thriller: Building 7 has been marred with controversy since it collapsed late in the afternoon on September 11th, 2001.Now, almost twenty years after the fact, Dr. Leroy Hulsey from the University of Alaska Fairbanks has chipped in. His findings are the result of four years, hundreds of thousands of dollars and incalculable computer graphics hours.Featuring interviews with engineers Roland Angle, Scott Grainger and Kamal Obeid, this documentary is a comprehensive look into the collapse of World Trade Center Building 7, narrated by the legendary actor Ed Asner.

Hotwives of Orlando
2014, Serie

Comedia: The Hotwives of Orlando is a comedy series that takes us deep into the 97th most glamorous city in the world, Orlando, and the ladies who live there. Watch as these drunk, horny, rich, horrible women fight, gossip, cheat, backstab and weave-pull their way into your hearts.

1:1 Thierry Henry - Red Bull Media House
2011, Serie

Biografía, Documental: He has achieved all you can in football: he led France when they became European and World Champions; he was at the helm when Barcelona topped the Champions League and won the UEFA Super Cup. Every child knows Thierry Henry, a player in a Paris suburb who became the best center forward in the 21st century. Who is the personality hidden in this dream career? We discover Thierry Henry's world and his new life as captain of the New York Red Bulls. What are his ideals? What goals does he want to reach? We accompany Thierry on his flight to London for the Emirates Cup: his side have to play against Arsenal, the very team that made him who he is and whose torch he still carries. Thierry Henry is a world star torn between past and present...

2014, Serie


2013, Serie

Drama: Hoy is a Mexican television daily morning program genre varieties produced by the company Televisa SA de CV. Since its first transmission in 1998, the program has had several stages, sections and wires, taking as central to entertainment, horoscopes, episode recaps and previews for currently airing telenovelas, beauty, cooking, health/nutrition, and games/sketches, humor and music. Hoy is a show produced by Televisa live and broadcast on Las Estrellas weekdays at 9am.

The 7.39
2014, Serie

Drama, Amor: This romantic drama focuses on Sally and Carl, two morning commuters who develop a friendship after fighting for a seat. Though they are quite content in their relatively happy home lives, they become drawn to each other as their friendship evolves into flirtation. They refuse to admit - to each other or themselves - that a line might be crossed...and despite potentially catastrophic consequences, they can’t help but fall in love.

María Magdalena
2018, Serie

Biografía, Drama: Mujer desafiante y discípula ejemplar, no se doblegará a la opresión social, ni siquiera en una época tan convulsa.

Bronco Billy
2013, Serie


Angry Birds Stella
2014, Serie

Dibujos animados: In 13 adventure-filled shorts, meet Stella and her five BFFs - Poppy, Willow, Dahlia, Luca and Gale, who live in a never-before-seen corner of the Angry Birds universe, Golden Island. Together they explore, create, rock out and laugh... a lot!

A Cabana e Seus Segredos
2018, Serie