O Clube dos Sonhadores
2020, Película

Comedia, Drama, Familia

Mario Puzo's The Godfather, Coda: The Death of Michael Corleone
2020, Película

Crímenes, Drama: Celebrating the 30th Anniversary of The Godfather: Part III, director/screenwriter Francis Ford Coppola brings a definitive new edit and restoration of the final film in his epic Godfather trilogy—Mario Puzo’s The Godfather, Coda: The Death of Michael Corleone. Michael Corleone (Al Pacino), now in his 60s, seeks to free his family from crime and find a suitable successor to his empire. That successor could be fiery Vincent (Andy Garcia)... but he may also be the spark that turns Michael's hope of business legitimacy into an inferno of mob violence. The film’s meticulously restored picture and sound, under the supervision of American Zoetrope and Paramount Pictures, includes a new beginning and ending, as well as changes to scenes, shots, and music cues. The resulting project reflects author Mario Puzo and Coppola’s original intentions of The Godfather: Part III, and delivers, in the words of Coppola, “a more appropriate conclusion to The Godfather and The Godfather: Part II.”’

Ocean to Sky
2020, Película

Documental: In 1953, Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay summited Mt Everest – the first to do so. That same year, back in Hillary’s home land of New Zealand, the jetboat was invented. With this new invention, Hillary, conqueror of the Himalaya’s greatest mountain, strove to also become the first to climb the Himalaya’s greatest river, the Ganges. Braving boiling rapids and snowy heights, Hillary's perilous 2500km journey from Ocean to Sky was regarded as a pilgrimage by the people of India, who lined the river in their thousands to glimpse his ‘miraculous’ boats. But while battling the elements, Hillary was also battling depression following the tragic death of his wife and youngest daughter. Buckle in for a wild ride - a story of loss and healing, of laughter and deep friendships, and above all, heart stopping adventure.

Stalking Chernobyl: Exploration After Apocalypse
2020, Película

Documental: Three decades after the world's most infamous nuclear disaster, wildlife has returned in the absence of human settlements. Meanwhile, illegal hiking adventurers known as "stalkers," extreme sports aficionados, artists, and tour companies have begun to explore anew the ghostly, post-apocalyptic landscape.

Cuidado con lo que deseas
2020, Película

Terror, Thriller

The Beginning of Life 2: Outside
2020, Película

Documental: City kids are connecting to the world through their devices. But nature can give them access to so much more.

The New Space Age
2020, Película

Documental: 'It's not just a boom – it's a frenzy' – space exploration is captivating the imaginations of entrepreneurs and national governments alike, as the race is on to push the boundaries of mankind's spacefaring technology. From Elon Musk's plan to settle humans on Mars to Richard Branson's ambitions for commercial space tourism, new interests are picking up where the Cold War space race petered out. But mankind's final frontier may not be as utopian as the visionaries of the past imagined, as new geopolitical tensions emerge in the quest for dominance amongst the stars.

The Mindfulness Movement
2020, Película

Documental: The Mindfulness Movement profiles the growing number of people who believe mindfulness - a peaceful quality of attention anyone can develop by simply focusing on the present moment in a non-judgmental way – is the key to creating a healthier, happier world. Featuring Deepak Chopra, Jewel, Dan Harris, Jon Kabat-Zinn, Daniel Goleman, Sharon Salzberg, George Mumford, Bill George and more.

Mighty Ira
2020, Película

Documental: Ira Glasser is one of America's unsung champions of civil rights and liberties. As the leader of the American Civil Liberties Union for 23 years, he transformed the organization from a small, "mom-and-pop" operation on the verge of bankruptcy into a civil liberties juggernaut with offices in every state and a $30 million endowment. As his generation retires from the barricades, Ira reminisces on his life at the forefront of defending the rights of all Americans, from civil rights leaders to neo-Nazis. His story takes us to his hometown of Brooklyn, New York, where in 1947 Jackie Robinson and the Dodgers broke the color barrier in baseball and inspired a generation of civil rights activists; to the offices of Robert Kennedy, where the U.S. Senator spoke with a young Ira and convinced him to take his first job with the ACLU; and to California, where a 96-year-old Holocaust survivor explains to Ira why he thinks the ACLU was wrong to defend the right of neo-Nazis to demonstrate near his home in Skokie, Illinois, over 40 years ago - and how recent events in Charlottesville, Virginia, evoke painful memories. Amid high-profile controversies surrounding free speech, racial equality, and antisemitism - and on the occasion of the ACLU's centennial - Ira Glasser's story is as timely and provocative as ever.

Batman: Death in the Family (Non-Interactive) (DC Showcase Shorts Collection)
2020, Película

Acción, Aventuras: An adaptation of the 1988 comic book storyline of the same name, Death in the Family chronicles the tragic death of second Robin Jason Todd at the hand of the Joker.

Money Machine
2020, Película

Documental: Journalist Ramsey Dennison lifts the lid on the corrupt corporate machine that is MGM's Las Vegas, and how malign influences obfuscated the truth and obstructed justice for the victims of America's deadliest mass shooting to date.

Miracle in the Desert: The Rise and Fall of the Salton Sea
2020, Película

Documental: The Salton Sea is an unfolding environmental disaster of extraordinary magnitude. As the largest lake in California begins to dry, millions of lives are in danger as clouds of toxic dust, massive fish kills and the destruction of an entire ecosystem threatens the health of millions of underrepresented minorities in Southern California, many who have no voice or little representation in the state legislature. If the state of California does not act quickly, it will be the worst environmental disaster of a generation and cause up to 70 billion dollars in health and other related damages the the area and its residents.

Hooking Up (2020)
2020, Película

Comedia: A chance meeting between a cynical writer and a hopeless romantic leads to a road trip where the pair start to catch feelings for each other.

Falsas Memórias
2020, Película

Thriller: Após um terrível acidente, Leah acorda com amnésia. Pouco a pouco vai recuperando a memória. Ela precisará convencer a todos que sua filha é real e corre perigo.

2020, Película


Passado Suspeito
2020, Película

Drama: Judy investiga o passado e descobre que o terrível acidente que sofreu há 25 anos pode ter sido causado por quem ela menos imaginava.

Amante sob Suspeita
2020, Película

Drama: Desamparada após a separação de seus pais e um grave acidente de carro, Jane começa a suspeitar das intenções do novo namorado de sua mãe.

Emma. (2020)
2020, Película

Comedia: Anya Taylor-Joy plays the titular heroine in this star-studded adaptation of Jane Austen’s classic novel, directed by Autumn de Wilde and featuring Johnny Flynn, Bill Nighy and Miranda Hart.

One Night in Bangkok
2020, Película

Acción, Aventuras, Crímenes: When the world's most deadly assassin makes his 500th hit, he thinks it may be time to retire. Instead, he crosses paths with someone who could be the perfect enemy, and a heart-pounding battle of wits ensues.

Yasuni Man
2020, Película

Documental: A desperate struggle between conservationists and oil interests as the indigenous peoples living in the heart of the Ecuadorian Amazon struggle to preserve their way of life against encroaching modernity. Filmmaker and biologist Ryan Patrick Killackey documents both the staggering biodiversity of the Yasuni region at risk of destruction alongside the Waorani people who call it home.

2020, Película

Documental: J.E.S.U.S.A. is an in-depth exploration of the relationship between Christianity and American nationalism and the violence that can often emerge from it. Far from a new phenomenon, this documentary traces the co-opting of Christianity by the state all the way back to when the Christian faith became the official religion of the Roman Empire. Through interviews with a diverse group of scholars, pastors, historians, and activists, this film shows how specific readings of the Bible have led many Christians to confuse their devotion to Jesus with their dedication to the state. The film helps viewers rediscover and restore long-held Christian beliefs regarding nonviolence, inspiring Christians to become purveyors of peace rather than enablers of conflict and violence.

You've Been Trumped Too
2020, Película

Documental: The acclaimed film that Donald Trump suppressed in order to become President. You’ve Been Trumped Too explores the deeply troubling confrontation between a feisty 92-year-old Scottish widow and her family and the brash billionaire, as he attempts to become the most powerful man in the world. Widely released now for the first time, this explosive film is more relevant than ever. Investigative journalist and filmmaker Anthony Baxter travels between the noisy and often surreal Presidential race, and the timeless Scottish countryside.

Un Regalo Esencial
2020, Película

Comedia, Música, Amor: It is the year 2025, and Alejandro tells his grandson Josue a story from a book that he is reading about a singer and a dancer who fell in love in 1985, but love represents much more than only sharing life together.

BTS: Global Takeover
2020, Película

Documental: Jin, Suga, J-Hope, RM, Jimin, V, Jungkook... This is BTS. The forefront of the k-pop revolution that is sweeping the world, BTS are the biggest boyband since The Beatles. Their high energy performances, thought provoking lyrics and trend setting style has set them apart from all other musicians as they continue to reinvent pop culture.But it wasn't overnight success for them. Their early years were plagued with hardship and setbacks– it seemed as though the world didn't want them to succeed... but they never gave up. This is their story.