Steven Universe: The Movie
2019, Niños

Acción, Aventuras, Dibujos animados: In his first musical TV movie, Steven Universe thinks his time defending the Earth is over. But when a new gem comes to Beach City seeking revenge, Steven faces his biggest challenge yet. Steven Universe, a 2018 Peabody Award and 2019 GLAAD Media Award recipient, follows Steven and the Crystal Gems, a team of magical aliens who fight to protect the planet Earth. Steven is the half-Gem half-human son of the Crystal Gems' late leader Rose Quartz and local musician Greg Universe. Steven's friends and family support him as he grows into his powers and figures out how to be himself.

Wallace & Gromit. La maldición de las verduras
2005, Niños

Acción, Aventuras, Dibujos animados: Una malograda máquina puede haber creado un monstruo con un apetito voraz por ¿las verduras gigantes?

April and the Extraordinary World
2015, Niños

Acción, Aventuras, Dibujos animados: The scientists have vanished, leaving the world in danger. A girl and her talking cat may be humanity's best hope.

Scooby-Doo! Camp Scare
2010, Niños

Dibujos animados, Comedia, Familia: Welcome to Camp Little Moose - where the counselors are friendly, the activities are endless and the urban legends are intense. In fact, every time someone tells a ghost story, the creepy creature comes to life! But the Mystery Inc. gang doesn't spook that easily so gather 'round the campfire to roast some bad guys. Scooby-Doo, Shaggy, Freddy, Daphne and Velma fish for clues to solve the mysteries of The Woodsman, The Fishman and The Banshee of Black Canyon. And of course, Shaggy and Scooby-Doo are hot on The Case of What's for Dinner! Scare up summertime fun with the Mystery Inc. gang in this hilarious, feature-length movie that gives new meaning to camp spirit!

Scooby-Doo And The alien Invaders
2000, Niños

Acción, Aventuras, Dibujos animados: Scooby Doo and the gang stumble upon a trio of horrifying Aliens outside the town of Scorpion Creek. MPAA Rating: © 2000 A Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Chill Out, Scooby-Doo!
1979, Niños

Acción, Aventuras, Dibujos animados: The gang at Mystery, Inc., are in for some spine-tingling frights, bone- chilling scares and belly-busting laughs as they head to the Himalayas to do their super-sleuthing. Join Fred, Daphne, Velma, Shaggy and the Great Dane Detective Scooby-Doo in this homage to three of their most classic wintry cases: "The Ghost of Bigfoot," "There's No Creature Like Snow Creature" and "That's Snow Ghost!"

Batman: Mystery Of The Batwoman
2003, Niños

Acción, Aventuras, Dibujos animados: The Dark Knight returns to battle a scheme by The Penguin and Rupert Thorne to sell illegal weapons! But there's a new superhero in Gotham City who has other plans for the evil entrepreneurs--Batwoman--in Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman. With high tech gadgets and an awesome talent for martial arts, Batwoman proves to be a formidable crimefighter--but Batman has no clue who she is. And when Batwoman crosses the criminal line, Batman must identify whether or not this new player is friend or foe!

Scooby-Doo! Pirates Ahoy!
2006, Niños

Dibujos animados, Comedia, Familia: Arrgh! It's horror on the high seas when Scooby-Doo and the gang take a creepy cruise into one of the world's most mysterious places - the legendary Bermuda Triangle! The gang finds spooks and scares at every corner - from alien sightings to terrifying Ghost Pirates that like to sink cruise ships with cannonballs! Things go from bad to worse when the Ghost Pirates kidnap Fred's parents, turning Fred's mother into a pirate! If Scooby, Shaggy and the gang can't solve this maritime mystery, they may have to walk the plank and become the Triangle's next victims!

Scooby-Doo And The Loch Ness Monster
2004, Niños

Acción, Aventuras, Dibujos animados: Scooby-Doo and the Mystery Inc. travel to Scotland to visit Daphne's relatives at Blake Castle, which is situated on Loch Ness, home of the legendary creature.

Llegó el recreo
2001, Niños

Dibujos animados, Comedia, Familia: La escuela acaba y T.J. Detweiler anhela que llegue el verano. Él descubre un malvado complot para acabar con las vacaciones. Un exdirector loco, el Dr. Benedict, planea usar un rayo láser para alterar el clima y crear un invierno eterno. Ante tal amenaza, T.J. junta a su pandilla y algunos aliados inesperados, la señorita Finster y el director Prickly, en una aventura para salvar las vacaciones.

Pokémon Detective Pikachu
2019, Niños

Acción, Aventuras, Comedia: A Pokémon with sleuthing skills. A teen whose father has vanished. When it comes to clues, can they catch 'em all?

Scooby-Doo! WrestleMania Mystery
2014, Niños

Dibujos animados, Comedia, Familia: When Shaggy and Scooby win tickets to WrestleMania, the entire gang travels in the Mystery Machine to WWE City to attend the epic event. However, when a mysterious ghostly bear appears and threatens to ruin the show, Scooby, Shaggy, Velma, Daphne and Fred work with WWE Superstars to solve the case.

La casa del reloj en la pared
2018, Niños

Comedia, Familia, Fantasía: Hay un reloj maligno escondido en las paredes de la mansión. Y el tiempo se está acabando.

Dora and the Lost City of Gold
2019, Niños

Acción, Aventuras, Comedia: She's used to going at it alone. But she'll need her new crew's help on the quest to find her family and a fabled city.

Pure Luck
1991, Niños

Comedia, Crímenes, Misterio: Eugene Proctor (Martin Short) is the world’s most unlucky man; he’s even been struck by lightning…twice. But everything changes for Eugene when his wealthy boss’s accident-prone daughter (Sheila Kelley) disappears, and he is sent on a mission to rescue her with a veteran detective (Danny Glover). As the unlikely duo sets out for Mexico to retrace her steps and find her, they encounter one hilarious mishap after another in this laugh-out-loud comedy adventure about changing your fate.

2020, Niños

Acción, Aventuras, Dibujos animados: In Scooby-Doo's greatest adventure yet, see the never-before told story of how lifelong friends Scooby and Shaggy first met and how they joined forces with young detectives Fred, Velma and Daphne to form the famous Mystery Inc. Now, with hundreds of cases solved, Scooby and the gang face their biggest, toughest mystery ever: an evil plot to unleash the ghost dog Cerberus upon the world. As they race to stop this global “dogpocalypse,” the gang discovers that Scooby has a secret legacy and an epic destiny greater than anyone ever imagined.

Strange Invaders
1983, Niños

Terror, Misterio, Ciencia Ficción: Cordell Barker strikes again with this hilarious Oscar-nominated animated short about a new addition to the family. A must-see film for parents of young children and a cautionary tale for those planning a family. Part science-fiction, part autobiography, Strange Invaders is another irrepressible comedy from the director of the much-loved classic The Cat Came Back.

2002, Niños

Acción, Aventuras, Dibujos animados: The Scooby gang is stuck on Spooky Island. They have to stop a magical force, if they can figure out what -- or who.

Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed
2004, Niños

Acción, Aventuras, Dibujos animados: An evil villain. Slimy monsters. Mysterious goings-on. Teen crime solvers and their pooch try to crack the mystery.