Episode 15: Best Wishes, Warmest Regards: A Schitt's Creek Farewell

44min - This special celebrates "Schitt's Creek" and gives fans an intimate, behind-the-scenes look at the making of the final season including never-before-seen footage of table reads, auditions and celebrity interviews.

Happy Ending

24min - In the season finale, David gets stressed about the weather on his wedding day. Thankfully, his family are on hand to make everything right.

Start Spreading the News

24min - David comes to a hard decision about where he's going to live, and Moira is on the receiving end of some unexpected news

The Pitch

21min - Johnny, Roland and Stevie take their pitch to a meeting in New York, while the family get anxious waiting for them to come home

The Bachelor Party

21min - It's David and Patrick's bachelor party, and the Roses go to the 'Escape Room' part of it. But as their personal problems come to a head, their involvement starts to wane.

Sunrise, Sunset


21min - Johnny decides to interfere with Alexis's love life, while Moira has an interview with People magazine - and manages to offend the whole town

The Presidential Suite

Moira Rosé

The Wingman

The Premiere

Maid of Honour

The Job Interview

21min - Moira and Johnny try to find investment for a new motel. And Alexis has a romantic video conference with Ted.

The Incident

21min - A childhood issue resurfaces which causes David embarrassment, which is only compounded when Patrick shows understanding. And Moira gets on social media with help from Alexis.

Smoke Signals

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