Episode 8: Part VIII

51min - Realizing that Jamie is out for revenge, Ambrose races to reach his loved ones to warn them of the danger.

Episode 7: Part VII

46min - The investigation takes a turn when new evidence emerges, but Ambrose's unorthodox tactics threaten to sink the case.

Episode 6: Part VI

47min - Sonya sees a new side of Jamie, while a terrified Leela seeks answers. Obsessed with uncovering the truth, Ambrose makes a risky move.

Episode 5: Part V

45min - When Jamie refuses to turn himself in, Ambrose goes to the NYPD. Leela confronts Jamie after Sonya visits her at the store.

Episode 4: Part IV

44min - After Jamie flees the hospital, Ambrose follows him through New York City and tries to keep him from going off the rails.

Episode 3: Part III

45min - Ambrose tracks down Jamie's former roommate, who shares a bizarre story from their college days. Jamie's anxiety boils over after Leela gives birth.

Episode 2: Part II

46min - Jamie experiences disturbing flashbacks. Sonya reports that Jamie returned to her property, and Ambrose works to gain Jamie's trust.

Episode 1: Part I

50min - Jamie Burns survives a high-speed car crash that kills an old acquaintance, and Detective Harry Ambrose is called to the scene of the accident.