Band of Brothers
2001, Émission

Action, Documentaire, Drame: This landmark miniseries based on Stephen E. Ambrose's best-seller, and executive produced by Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks, recounts the remarkable achievements of an elite team of U.S. paratroopers during World War II.

Designated Survivor
2016, Émission

Action, Documentaire, Drame: Il est affable et sans ambitions politiques. Mais une catastrophe le propulse au poste le plus puissant du monde.

The Challenge: ETA
2020, Émission

Policier, Documentaire, Économie et politique: The Challenge ETA is an eight-episode documentary series about the Guardia Civil's fight against the Basque terrorist band ETA. A fight that lasted for half a century, until the dissolution of the band and its definitive renunciation of weapons. The Challenge ETA is an ambitious production that aims to mark a milestone in this important episode of the recent history of Spain.

Generation Kill
2008, Émission

Action, Documentaire, Drame: From creators Ed Burns and David Simon (The Wire), this seven-part miniseries focuses on the first 40 days of the war in Iraq, as told by an elite group of U.S. Marines.

Seven Seconds
2018, Émission

Policier, Documentaire, Drame: Famille en deuil, communauté aux abois, dissimulation : après la mort d'un enfant, un procureur veut obtenir justice.

Troie : La chute d'une cité
2018, Émission

Action, Aventure, Documentaire: Elle possède "le visage qui lança mille bateaux". Quant à lui, son destin a provoqué la chute d'une cité.

2002, Émission

Aventure, Biographie, Documentaire: A masterful soldier, tactician and statesmen, Napoleon Bonaparte's courage and love for his country sees him rise from an unpaid general consumed with ambition to the most powerful man in Europe.

Love in the Moonlight
2016, Émission

Comédie, Documentaire, Drame: Ancien expert en amour, désormais eunuque à la cour du roi, le pire endroit pour une femme travestie.

The Family : La menace fondamentaliste
2019, Émission

Documentaire, Économie et politique, Religion et spiritualité: L'influence de ce groupe politique chrétien est d'une ampleur inédite, et son pouvoir s'étend au-delà des États-Unis.

Vivre sans papiers
2019, Émission

Documentaire, Économie et politique, Société: Un nouvel avenir. De nouvelles possibilités. Mais pour les immigrés sans papiers, cette vie tant attendue a un prix.

2018, Émission

Documentaire, Économie et politique, Histoire: On the night of June 17, 1972, a security guard in the Watergate office complex in Washington, DC called the police when he found a door repeatedly taped open. The police discovered five men dressed in business suits who were in the process of installing bugs and photographing documents in the headquarters of the Democratic National Committee. Thus began the most explosive scandal in American history – a scandal that brought down the Presidency of Richard M. Nixon and sent over 40 people to jail. The events of Watergate read like a political thriller – dirty tricks, government surveillance, and sabotage … much of it secretly caught on tape. “Watergate” tells the full story of the conspiracy led by Nixon and his White House staff, and how they were brought to justice. Among the incidents covered in the series is the leaking and publication of the Pentagon Papers; the spreading of false news on behalf of the White House to destroy the candidacy of Senator Edmund Muskie, then the front-runner for the Democratic presidential nomination in 1972; the revelation that Nixon secretly tape-recorded every conversation in the Oval Office; the Supreme Court fight for the tapes following subpoenas by the special prosecutor and both houses of Congress; the infamous Saturday Night Massacre, when Nixon fired special prosecutor Archibald Cox, leading to the resignations of Attorney General Elliot Richardson and Deputy Attorney General William Ruckelshaus; the House Judiciary Committee’s impeachment proceedings; and the final “smoking gun” tape which recorded Nixon conspiring to cover up White House involvement in Watergate just days after the burglary. It is a story that touches on Vietnam, the unrest of the 1960s, a near World War, the opening of China, and the moment when an unlikely group of heroes from both political parties band together and bring down the White House. Much of our current political climate began with Watergate, a word everyone has heard, but a story few Americans now understand.

2014, Émission

Documentaire, Drame, Économie et politique

Bobby Kennedy for President
2018, Émission

Biographie, Documentaire, Drame: Il s'est battu pour l'égalité, la justice et la paix, il a inspiré une génération, puis une balle a mis fin à ses jours.

XIII: The Conspiracy
2008, Émission

Action, Policier, Documentaire: The assassination of the US President places a man in the center of an even larger plot.

TURN: Washington's Spies
2014, Émission

Documentaire, Drame, Économie et politique: The Revolutionary War spy thriller builds towards one of the most notorious moments in American history - the treasonous defection of Benedict Arnold. Behind enemy lines on Long Island, Abe Woodhull spies for the Patriots while, embedded within the Continental Army, Benedict Arnold becomes an informant for the British.

Conan Without Borders
2018, Émission

Comédie, Économie et politique, Société: Conan O'Brien, animateur habitué des soirées télévisuelles américaines, fait ses valises et part en tournée dans le monde entier. Il prend son sens de l'humour avec lui.

Un crime parfait : L'assassinat de Detlev Rohwedder
2020, Émission

Arts et Culture, Policier, Documentaire: Dans une Allemagne en pleine mutation, il a payé le prix fort pour s'acquitter de sa mission. Mais qui l'a assassiné ?

Queen for Seven Days
2017, Émission

Documentaire, Drame, Économie et politique: Entre un frère roi et un autre en rébellion, une jeune femme doit décider à qui accorder sa confiance.

The Nokdu Flower
2019, Émission

Documentaire, Drame, Économie et politique: Une révolution paysanne, deux demi-frères, et deux idéologies qui les opposent.