Nuit et brouillard
1955, Documentaire

Documentaire, Histoire, Guerre: One of the most vivid depictions of the horrors of Nazi Concentration Camps. Filmed in 1955 at several concentration camps in Poland, the film combines new color and black and white footage with black and white newsreels, footage shot by the victorious allies, and stills, to tell the story not only of the camps, but to portray the horror of man's brutal inhumanity.

They Shall Not Grow Old
2018, Documentaire

Documentaire, Histoire, Guerre: Heroism. Horror. World War I’s brutal trenches and terrible new technologies buried romantic notions of combat forever.

Zeitgeist: Addendum
2008, Documentaire

Documentaire, Histoire, Guerre: Zeitgeist: Addendum attempts to locate the root causes of the pervasive social corruption, while also offering a solution.

2014, Documentaire

Documentaire, Guerre: Rebelles. Contrebandiers. Groupes pétroliers. Le gorille de montagne n'a qu'un défenseur : le garde forestier.

The Soviet Story
2008, Documentaire

Documentaire, Histoire, Guerre: The film tells the story of the Soviet regime and how the Soviet Union helped Nazi Germany instigate the Holocaust. The film shows recently uncovered archive documents revealing this. Interviews with former Soviet intelligence officers reveal shocking details on: The Great Famine in Ukraine (1923/33); the Katyn massacre (1940); the SS-KGB partnership; Soviet mass deportations; and medical experiments in the GULAG. These are just some of the topics covered by this first time documentary film by director Edvins Snore. Based on 10 years of research The Soviet Story was filmed over 2 years in Russia, Ukraine, Latvia, Germany, France, the UK and Belgium. As a result, The Soviet Story presents a truly unique insight into recent Soviet history, told by people once Soviet citizens, who had first hand knowledge of it. The Soviet Story also discusses the impact of the Soviet legacy on modern day Europe. The Soviet Story is a story of pain, injustice and "realpolitik".

Breaker Morant
1980, Documentaire

Drame, Histoire, Guerre: Three Australian lieutenants are court martialed for executing prisoners as a way of deflecting attention from war crimes committed by their superior officers.

2008, Documentaire

Comédie, Documentaire, Guerre: In this new comedy from director Larry Charles (BORAT, "Seinfeld"), comedian and TV host Bill Maher ("Real Time with Bill Maher," "Politically Incorrect") takes a pilgrimage across the globe on a mind-opening journey into the ultimate taboo: questioning religion. Meeting the high and low from different religions, Maher simply asks questions, like "Why is faith good?" "Why doesn't an all-powerful God speak to us directly?" and "How can otherwise rational people believe in a talking snake?" For anyone who's even a little spiritually curious, this divine entertainment will deepen your comedy!

Last Days in Vietnam
2014, Documentaire

Documentaire, Histoire, Guerre: During the final days of the Vietnam War, North Vietnamese forces closed in on Saigon as South Vietnamese resistance crumbled. An unlikely group of heroes emerged as Americans and South Vietnamese took matters into their own hands.

Fahrenheit 9/11
2004, Documentaire

Documentaire, Drame, Guerre: In the most provocative film of the year, Academy Award(r)-winner Michael Moore (2002, Best Documentary, Bowling for Columbine) presents a searing examination of the role played by money and oil in thewake of the tragic events of 9/11. Moore blends captivating and thought-provoking footage with revealing interviews, while balancing it all with his own brand of humor and satire.

Les Casques blancs
2016, Documentaire

Documentaire, Guerre: Hommes ordinaires devenus héros extraordinaires, ils cherchent sans relâche des survivants... sous une pluie de bombes.

Inside the Golden Statue
1999, Documentaire

Drame, Histoire, Comédie romantique: There is drastically more than meets the eye to curating a successful awards ceremony. The Academy Awards, widely known as one of the most sophisticated and historic of these institutions, is no exception.

City of Ghosts
2017, Documentaire

Documentaire, Guerre: City of Ghosts follows the journey of “Raqqa is Being Slaughtered Silently” - a handful of anonymous activists who banded together after their homeland was taken over by ISIS in 2014.

Standard Operating Procedure
2008, Documentaire

Policier, Documentaire, Guerre: Witness one of the worst debacles in American military history. Enter Abu Ghraib. This award-winning documentary uncovers the dramatic series of events that led to torture, international outrage, and forced a president to apologize to the world.

Loose Change 9/11: An American Coup
2009, Documentaire

Documentaire, Histoire, Guerre

The Age of Stupid
2009, Documentaire

Documentaire, Histoire, Guerre: It's the year 2055 and the world has been ravaged by climate change. London is underwater, Sydney is on fire and nuclear war has ravaged India. An archivist looks back at footage from 2008 to understand why humankind failed to stop this disaster. From the director of McLibel and starring Pete Postlethwaite, this provocative film warns of the dire consequences of our failure to stop climate change.

The Hornet's Nest
2014, Documentaire

Action, Aventure, Documentaire: Armed only with cameras, Peabody and Emmy Award-winning conflict Journalist Mike Boettcher, and his son, Carlos, provide unprecedented access into the longest war in U.S. history. Mike and Carlos embed with U.S. Forces fighting on the front lines in Afghanistan, amidst the constant threat of the Taliban. They are the only Father and Son Journalist Team to ever embed with the US Frontline Armed Forces due to the extreme danger involved. Their journey, ‘The Hornet’s Nest’, is a true story of survival not only for the soldiers, but for a father and son team who seek to re-connect under the most harrowing of circumstances.

La bataille de San Pietro
1945, Documentaire

Documentaire, Guerre: Après l'invasion de l'Italie par les Alliés, San Pietro devient le théâtre des horreurs de la guerre. Pour en savoir plus, voir le docu-série "Cinq hommes et une guerre".

Attack Force Z
1982, Documentaire

Action, Aventure, Drame: A group of Australian commandos launch a secret mission against Japanese forces in World War II. Starring Mel Gibson and Sam Neil.