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Episode 6: The Scavenger Hunt

22min - Frank’s wishenwhirl rolls through a hole in the wall, and he can’t get it back! Determined to retrieve it, Bianca, Laurel and Frank embark on a scavenger hunt to find the glitter rocks that will open the door in the wall. Along the way they learn that staying calm is an important part of problem solving.

Episode 5: Froovle and the Dollhouse

22min - Bianca can’t wait to play with Laurel’s new dollhouse and decides to take Frank’s bouncy pet Froovle along. Things spiral out of control and the play date doesn’t go as planned. Bianca learns it’s not too late though, and she can change her choice to make things right!

Episode 4: Penelope's Show

22min - Penelope is rehearsing her new show with her friends in the park, when Violet arrives with some rainbow bubbles. Torn between the two options- the show and the bubbles- Bianca realizes the importance of playing one thing at a time and not trying to take on too many things at once.

Episode 3: Grammie's Wish

22min - Bianca tries to make Grammie’s wish come true by creating a restaurant for her! Should it be in space? Or the jungle? Maybe a roller-skating diner?! Bianca learns that when you want to do something special for someone, it’s important to think about what makes that person happy first.

Episode 2: The Magical Wish Store

22min - Bianca learns the importance of asking for help, after things get a little out of hand at Mom’s Magical Wish Store.

Episode 1: Bianca and Bianca

22min - When Bianca’s friends need a break from their soccer game, Bianca wishes there was ANOTHER Bianca that could keep playing with her. After a half time of pirate play, Bianca is too tired to focus on the soccer game. Bianca learns how important it is to take breaks, even if she doesn’t feel tired.