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The Planner

45min - Jet-setter Rameez has high expectations for a life partner. Karan challenges this man with a plan to see that love isn’t about checking off boxes.

Ms. Heartbroken

48min - Low self-esteem plagues Reena after being dumped. Karan's squad and a Bollywood gent give her a mental makeover before she gives dating another try.

Ms. Date Me Not

47min - Lingering physical and emotional scars have fashion designer Geetika running from romance. Karan urges her to lower her defenses to let love in.

Mr. No Time for Love

46min - Workaholic Vaibhav lacks the time and swagger to make dating work, but Karan’s got strategies — and a surprise guest — to take him from shy to suave.

The Eager Beaver

47min - Rabanne hungers for a monogamous relationship as a gay man in Mumbai, yet he must learn that finding real love means being true to himself first.

The Unsuitable Bride

50min - Rejected by 11 suitors, pathologist Aashi dreams of Bollywood-style love. But first, Karan must help her through the pain behind her bubbly exterior.

The "What the Love!" Singles Party

48min - A rocking party, cheeky games and a few special guests help Karan select six people he wants to help find love from a roomful of hopeful candidates.