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If You're Going to Bow, Bow Low

49min - Säsongsavslutning. Ah Sahm förkastar sina krigarrötter. Leary gör ett våldsamt besök hos Mercer. Fung Hai spänner musklerna.

Chinese Boxing

47min - Elitkrigare från Hop Wei och Long Zii gör upp om gamla oförrätter.

They Don't Pay Us Enough to Think

43min - Efter ett blodbad i Chinatown överväger Hope Wei och Long Zii ett nytt sätt att avsluta sina stridigheter på.

The Tiger and the Fox

45min - Ah Sahm ställs inför ett dilemma när Bolo skickas av Fader Jun att jaga rätt på Long Zii och Mai Ling.

Chewed Up, Spit Out, and Stepped On

43min - On the run with Tom, CC makes one last bid to salvage the case. Louise defies orders as she embarks on a frantic solo mission.

The Blood and the Sh*t

46min - As Tom summons everyone to the clubhouse to flush out the traitor, CC scrambles to cover his tracks. Louise scours the city for Akhmed.

The White Mountain

46min - After a violent night, CC takes an injured Tom to a safe place. Meanwhile, Louise rethinks the mission, and the Wolves declare war on Akhmed.

John Chinaman

47min - CC's status in the club changes, Akhmed corners Louise while she's off duty, and tensions run high as the deal with the Italians approaches.

There's No China in the Bible

42min - While Louise tries to find out who assaulted Anders, CC visits the clubhouse and is drawn into Tom's rowdy, hard-partying inner circle.

The Itchy Onion

58min - After her husband dies in combat, Copenhagen cop Louise asks his friend and commanding officer, CC, to help her gather intel on a violent gang boss.