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41min - Mrs. Frederic and the team share stories to put in an artifact time capsule.

Cangku Shisi

41min - An old enemy returns and attempts to move the Warehouse, and plans to use Claudia's sister to do it.

Savage Seduction

40min - Pete, Myka, and Artie help Pete's ex-girlfriend, Kelly, track an artifact that sucks them all into a Telenovela. Meanwhile, Claudia and Steve investigate a college student whose spine mysteriously broke in the middle of class.

A Faire to Remember

41min - Pete and Steve search for an artifact that's making horseless chariots and life-size chess pieces come to life, Claudia searches for a way to revive her sister.

Secret Services

41min - Pete and Myka investigate a series of drowning victims and run into a pair of Secret Service agents with a secret, while Artie attempts to show Claudia the truth about her sister.

Endless Terror

41min - Paracelsus takes control of Warehouse 13 and uses his newfound abilities to terrorize the team... and then travel back in time to create an new timeline where he rules the warehouse.