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Montana 6 Man

43min - Miami's Liberty City is football's Mecca, home to NFL legends. But the biggest rivalry in this city isn't exactly big - it all starts with a hard-hitting squad of six-year-olds.

Battle of Algiers

22min - Buried deep in the Appalachian hills, an old grudge between two fading towns lives on through baseball's best kept secret - a rivalry at the lowest level of the minor leagues

Derby Beirut

42min - In Montana, farming and football are life. But as farms dry up and people disappear, two schools that were once bitter rivals must join forces. One team gives hope to two fading towns.

Rivals: The Mercer Cup

22min - The iconic battle between Boca and River isn't on the field, it's in the stands

Rivals: Aphromoo Vs Doublelift

21min - The arena might be online, but in the world of e-sports, this story of teammate-turned-enemy is as real as it gets

Rivals: Aussie Rules

22min - In Florence, history is honoured when fresh blood is spilled in an ancient game

Rivals: Calcio Storico

21min - Australia plays football one way - their way. And the most heated rivalry in the country's most cherished game is marked by broken jaws, foul mouths and phallic tattoos.

Rivals: Superclasico

22min - Algeria is home to North Africa's biggest soccer derby. This all-consuming rivalry is rooted in love for the game that forged their country through revolution

Rivals: The Boom Squad

21min - Lebanon is a nation defined by religious and political rivalry. And when it comes to the courts, the game between the country's two best basketball clubs is no exception.