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Episode 21: Secrets Revealed

Episode 20

Episode 19: A Tale of Two Pool Parties

Episode 18: Mercury's in Gatorade

Episode 17: Til Death Do Us Not Part

Episode 16

Episode 15: Mr. & Mrs. Schwartz, Take Two

Episode 14: Shame Hangover

Episode 13: Prank Wars

Episode 12: All Daugs Go to Heaven

Episode 11: Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Cauchi

Episode 10: Jaxs Last Hurrah

Episode 9: If You're Going to Drink, I Can't Stop You

Episode 8: Ex-Best Man, Ex-Best Friend

Episode 7: It?s Not About the Pastor

Episode 6: Your Pride's Showing

Episode 5: Grumpy Old Men

Episode 4: Don't Do It, Brittany

Episode 3: Next Level Rage Texts

Episode 2: Training Days

Episode 1: There Goes the Neighborhood