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Episode 17: Ramses' Buried Treasures

Episode 16: Curse Of The Jungle Treasure

Episode 15: Lost City Of The Maya

Episode 14: Ghosts Of The Stone Age

Episode 13: Egypt's Lost Skyscrapers

Episode 12: Forbidden City Of The Pharaohs

Episode 11: Secrets Of The Forbidden City

Episode 10: Titanic: The Last Secrets

Episode 9: Mystery Of The Cursed Pyramid

Episode 8: Pompeii's Doomsday Mummies

Episode 7: Lost World Of Easter Island

Episode 6: Wrath Of Attila The Hun

Episode 5: Hunt For The Real Atlantis

Mystery Of Egypt's Mega Temple

Curse Of The Blood Pyramids

Episode 2: Viking City Of The Dead

Episode 1: Inca Apocalypse: The Dark Evidence