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Episode 13: Church Thievery

23min - The team goes after a man working at a church who is wanted for receiving stolen property.

Episode 12: No Time for Pizza

23min - The team stakes out a local pizza joint waiting for their latest defendant. Another defendant doesn't seem to know that her time was up.

Episode 11: What to do With the Baby?

26min - The team has to figure out what to do with a female fugitive's baby yet again. They pursue a recently released convict who doesn't want to go easily.

Episode 10: Welfare Fraud

22min - The team happens upon a defendant when they least expect it. A woman is wanted for welfare fraud and puts up more of a fight than the team is used to, and they have to decide what to do with her crying baby.

Episode 9: No Time for Romance

24min - Fred "The Enforcer" is getting tired of defendants who run and make excuses. The team interrupts a defendant on a date.

Episode 8: Tough Guys

22min - The crew is in search of a gang of tough guys who've evaded court dates, but don't like where they have to go to find them.

Episode 7: An Uneasy Decision

24min - A young defendant avoids going to court over a minor charge. Fred and a defendant who he has a history with make an agreement, but the rest of the team feels uneasy about the decision.

Episode 6: Not Your Average Ice Cream Truck

22min - The team hunts down the local ice cream truck driver. A mother in need enlists the help of Fred "The Enforcer" for her young teenage son who seems to be on the path to ruin.

Episode 5: Big Wayne

22min - The team has to confront a friend of Fred's called Big Wayne and discover the surprising reason why he didn't show up for court. A fugitive slips through the fingers of Fred "The Enforcer", Denise "The Huntress", AND Mark "The Muscle".

Episode 4: Loud Mouth

24min - The team canvases an entire park searching for a young loud mouthed defendant and tracks down another fugitive who has a surprising ally.

Episode 3: Fugitive Hunt

24min - The team's light hearted lunch is interrupted by a lead on a fugitive that has been evading them for weeks.

Episode 2: Time for Surrender

24min - The team awakens a sleeping attempted-murderess and Fred "The Enforcer" is led to confront an old friend at his childhood church which leads to a heartfelt surrender.

Episode 1: No Time for Sleep

24min - A fugitive is woken up from a mid-afternoon nap by Fred "The Enforcer" and the team after his own family member tips them off to his location. The Bounty Hunters go after a longtime booze crazy crook who won't stop putting up a fight.