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Episode 6: The Real Meanin' of Halloween

41min - Real Meanin' of Halloween Special Show: A misfit band of monsters finds meaning in the most mystical holiday of the year.

Episode 5: Night of the Thingy

21min - A vampire and his monster minions run an obscure Transylvanian television station with the improbable power to reanimate dead TV shows. World domination is just around the corner, once they figure out how to get more than a .0002 rating.

Episode 4: Return of Living Night Shifts

21min - Third-shift workers wage war, Furry pens a script, and Dwayne Frankenstein receives a mysterious package.

Episode 3: There's a Hell in Von Bucket

21min - Furry's new personal demon Hannibal Von Bucket systematically harasses the station employees.

Episode 2: Dark Night of the Ejaculatron

20min - Furry attempts to win tickets on Transylvania radio and challenges a demon to a duel for his soul.

Episode 1: Night of Memotronic

21min - Furry faces the full fury of the Vampire Le Shoc when he is no longer recognized by his boss.

Episode 0