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Episode 15: What 1 Dollar Gets You Around The World

9min - In the world are a lot of countries and money. The United States dollar is very rich but what can it get you around the world?

Episode 14: If You See These Symbols On Your House, Call 911

4min - If you see any of these hobo signs and symbols you should know on your house then call the police!

Episode 13: If You Ever See These, Call A Doctor Now

5min - If you see certain things your eyesight may be at risk so watch this video for your safety to protect yourself and if you see any of the things on this list then don't ignore it and call a doctor!

Episode 12: If You Ever See A Coin Resting On Top Of A Grave Stone, Don't Touch It

4min - his story video is all about why some people leave coins on top of graves to remember people as a memorial.

Episode 11: Daughter Dies, Mom Finds Secret Letter And Is Shocked

5min - This amazing and inspiring viral story shows a little girl showing how life is awesome.

Episode 10: 10 Worst Life Hacks You Should Never Try

9min - These are the best life hacks when it comes to how terrible they are and have been shared as pictures by funny people in the world!

Episode 9: 10 Weirdest Photos Ever Caught On The Road

7min - These funny and hilarious pictures of people taken on roads and highways around the world are hard to believe actually exist!

Episode 8: 10 Strange Things on Google Street

1min - Check out these incredible and strange things caught on camera

Episode 7: 10 Secrets Of North Korean Women

9min - Here are some hidden secret facts about life as a woman in North Korea.

Episode 6: 10 Satisfying Photos Of Things Cut In Half

9min - These are the most oddly satisfying videos and pictures of cross-sections of everyday objects.

Episode 5: 10 Ridiculously Expensive Things Vladimir Putin Owns

9min - We all know Vladimir V Putin of Russia, but what is his real net worth and how does he live? Many say he is a billionaire due to his stocks and business but Putin owns some very expensive and lavish luxury items from houses, mansions, palaces, yachts, boats, helicopters, and cars!

Episode 4: 10 People Who Took Laziness To Another Level

7min - Here are the funniest and most hilarious people who had one job and failed! These lazy people take being the laziest people in the world to a new level and prove their funny hacks you won't believe actually exist are actually genius even though they're very unusual!

Episode 3: 10 People Who Beat The System In Hilarious Ways

9min - These are the funniest and hilarious pictures of people who beat the system.

Episode 2: 10 Mind Blowing Coincidences Caught On Camera

9min - These are the most mysterious, unexplained and amazing coincidences caught on camera and tape that will blow your mind!

Episode 1: 10 Creepiest Things Found In The Desert

8min - Charlie from Top 10s counts down the top 10 Creepiest Things Found in the Desert!

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