Episode 101: A Message From This Is Us

2min - Three years ago, you fell in love with the Pearson family. Get ready for three more incredible seasons of This Is Us when the show returns this fall.

Strangers: Part Two

After the Fire

43min - Randall reflects on what could have been .

New York, New York, New York

43min - The Pearsons visit New York City .


42min - Kevin spends the day with Rebecca. Toby makes a grand gesture. The Big Three get their report cards.

The Cabin

A Hell of a Week-Part Three

A Hell of a Week-Part Two

A Hell of a Week-Part One

Light and Shadows

So Long, Marianne


43min - Rebecca visits Randall in Philadelphia. Beth is troubled by a request from Deja. Kevin has doubts about himself.

The Dinner and the Date

43min - Deja pushes the boundaries of Randall and Beth's trust. Jack and Rebecca invite Randall's new teacher over for dinner.

The Club

Storybook Love

Flip a Coin

43min - Kevin reflects on his past. Rebecca visits Randall at college. Beth's mom comes to visit. Kate and Toby share new experiences with Baby Jack.


43min - Randall is confronted with a tough choice. Kate and Toby adjust to their new home. Miguel and Jack’s friendship solidifies.

The Pool: Part Two


49min - Jack meets Rebecca's parents. New characters are introduced.