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Episode 16: Naval And Marine Commanders

39min - Admiral Chester M. Nimitz, Marine Generals Alexander A. Vandegrift, General Clifton B. Cates, and General Holland McTyeire "Howlin' Mad" Smith. The Japanese Surrender to Admiral Nimitz and Army General Douglas MacArthur on the deck of USS Missouri in Tokyo Bay on September 2, 1945.

Episode 15: Daring Commanders - The Doolittle Raid and The Stilwell Road

52min - James "Jimmy" H. Doolittle and the heroic "Doolittle Raid." Joseph Warren Stilwell was a United States Army general who served in the China Burma India Theater. His tough personality was reflected in the nickname "Vinegar Joe" and and resulted in the building of "The Stilwell Road."

Episode 14: Chief Of Staff Commanders

55min - Chief Of Staff WWII General George C. Marshall and Chief Of Staff Army Air Forces WWII Henry Harley "Hap" Arnold.

Episode 13: Field Commanders

55min - The commanders of the First and Third American Army, General Omar Bradley and the colorful General George S. Patton Jr.

Episode 12: Theater Commanders

57min - Outstanding military Naval leaders, soldiers, sailors, and marines and the Theater commanders of General Dwight D. Eisenhower and General Douglas MacArthur.

Episode 11: Unconditional Surrender

57min - 1944-1945. The liberation of Rome & Paris & push in to Germany. Our forces fought their way up the Italian boot toward Rome against bitter German opposition on The Gustav Line. D-Day invasion follows with the Liberation of Paris Bradley's 1rst Army's final drive in to Nazi Germany. In the Pacific, the U.S. continues to battle tough Japanese opposition. Germany surrendered on May 7, 1945.

Episode 10: Victory In the Phillipines & Landings on Okinawa

41min - 1944-1945. General Douglas MacArthur kept his promise with he said ,"I Shall Return." MacArthur did return and retake the Philippines with a difficult battle for Manila. Okinawa landings were costly with over 2000 Kamikaze attacks by the Japanese on U.S. Naval Ships and the desperate island defense of Okinawa that was so close to the Japanese mainland.

Episode 9: Island Hopping In The Pacific

54min - 1943-1944. Island Hopping campaigns by the U.S. Marines were difficult with tough fighting with landings on Makin, Tarawa, Bougainville, Saipan, and Guam.

Episode 8: Invasion and Breakout...Air War Germany

52min - 1944-1945. The US bombing of Nazi Germany was lead by the 8th Air Force carrying out their bombing missions with precision. Breakout from D-Day, Normandy Airborne Operations and final drive in to Hitler's Fortress Europe.

Episode 7: Battle on Two Continents

47min - 1944-1945. The main action of the fighting is in Belgium & Battle of the Bulge which was the decisive event of the winter campaign. The entire battle is summarized ending in the allied victory. In addition, the liberation of Paris and final drive into Germany is shown. Also included as bonus material is Operation Torch, the Invasion of North Africa in 1940.

Episode 6: Battle of the Bulge

56min - December 1944. Battle of The Bulge explains how the Allies regrouped & defeated Hitler's last major desperate offensive in the Ardennes. Rare interviews with both German and American Commanders who were there making decisions during the battle include: Gen. Hasso von Manteuffel, Gen. Siegfried Westphal, Gen. Bruce C. Clark, Gen. Robert Hasbrouck, Gen. William Hoge & many more.

Episode 5: Hot Pursuit

49min - 1944. The relentless drive of two great American Armies, the 1rst and 3rd, as they fought their way across France and into Germany. Patton's 3rd army advanced further in less time than any other army in history. Bradley's 1rst Army captured much of the early gains of the Allied forces in Normandy and then captured Cherbourg. 1rst and 3rd Armies encircled the Germans at the Falaise pocket.

Episode 4: D-Day...Operation Overlord June 6, 1944

48min - The landings on the beaches of Normandy, the first steps in the operation code-named Overlord commanded by General Dwight D. Eisenhower. Details of the Airborne operations & greatest amphibious landings in history known as the "The Longest Day." 10th Armored Division's defense of Bastogne during the Battle Of The Bulge, operations in France, Luxembourg and drive in to Germany.

Episode 3: Hitting Them Harder...World In Flames

51min - 1943-1944. Invasion of Italy at Salerno, Marines take islands in the Pacific, battle of Monte Cassino, Landings at Anzio, air raids target Germany and the Ploesti oil fields in Romania,

Episode 2: We Strike Back...Approaching the Fire

51min - 1942-1943. Surprise attack on Pearl Harbor has etched itself in our history, Invasion and surrender of the Philippines, the Jimmy Doolittle Raid on Tokyo, battle of the Coral Sea & victory at Midway, landing on Guadalcanal, U.S. in North Africa, siege of Stalingrad, Invasion of Sicily, American industrial might,1000 bomber RAF raid on Cologne, General Douglas MacArthur.

Episode 1: Rattling the Saber...The Gathering Storm...WWII Starts September 1, 1939

55min - 1939-1941. Witness the world shaking events that take place in the years immediately preceding WWII. You'll see thje gathering storm and the rise of Hitler and the Nazi Party. Hitler's Blitzkrieg Invades Poland & starts WWII, Japan invades China, Invasion of France & Belgium, Rescue at Dunkirk, England's heroic defense in the Battle of Britain, Hitler invades Russia with Operation Barbarossa.

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