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Episode 13: Julius Caesar och Bruce Lee

23min - He came, he saw, he took over Who HQ. But can a famed Roman ruler conquer a martial arts master and the entire "Who Was?" cast? (With bonus bloopers!)

Episode 12: Galileo och drottning Elisabet

22min - The Renaissance sparked the rebirth of art and science. It also saw the rise of a royal icon and an astronomer who changed how people saw the world.

Episode 11: Pablo Picasso och bröderna Wright

23min - Go-getters in completely different fields had the courage to try something new. One was an artistic genius, and the other two took to the skies.

Episode 10: Djingis Khan och George Washington Carver

23min - A fierce conquerer who built an empire and a scientist who made peanuts famous? Sure, they're important. But not as important as Ron's birthday!

Episode 9: George Washington och Marco Polo

23min - It’s a tale of polar-opposite icons: one, a commanding leader known for his truthfulness; the other, a world traveler who probably told lots of lies.

Episode 8: Marie Curie och Harry Houdini

22min - She was a scientist who could speak five languages. He was an illusionist who was born to entertain. No “magic” involved -- just lots of hard work.

Episode 7: Susan B. Anthony och Frida Kahlo

23min - These two pioneering women were passionate souls who changed art and politics by doing what they loved. And sometimes wearing (gasp!) pants in public.

Episode 6: Sacajawea och Svartskägg

24min - In Shoshone, her name means “bird woman.” In English, his name means ... well ... “black beard.” One is famous, and the other is infamous.

Episode 5: Marie Antoinette och Louis Armstrong

23min - The beloved king of jazz and the reviled queen of France came from different worlds. Yet both achieved royalty -- and left behind a dazzling legacy.

Episode 4: Isaac Newton och Amelia Earhart

24min - He invented a new field of mathematics, while she sent flyers soaring to new heights. Both were trailblazers in their fields who bucked convention.

Episode 3: William Shakespeare och Tutankhamon

25min - An iconic ruler of ancient Egypt and an influential Elizabethan playwright each left behind priceless relics that earned them rock-star status.

Episode 2: Albert Einstein och Jeanne d'Arc

25min - What does a peasant turned Catholic saint have in common with a Nobel Prize-winning scientist? Inspired thinking, for one thing. Also: awesome hair.

Episode 1: Gandhi och Benjamin Franklin

26min - One was a revered civil rights leader; the other, a revolutionary diplomat. Both spoke truth to power and had a talent for turning words into action.