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The Storm

44min - Months after the massacre of ten friends by the Whisperers, the Kingdom is complete depleted and people need to move to Hilltop. However a blizzard surprises the group on the road and they need to find shelter as soon as possible crossing Alpha's territory.

The Calm Before

55min - Alpha and the Whisperers attack a family from Hilltop while riding to the Fair at the Kingdom, and Alpha uses the female scalp to infiltrate in Hilltop posing as if she where an Alexandria dweller. Meanwhile the leaders of the communities reunite with Ezekiel and sign a document of mutual cooperation and protection. Michonne also explains that Alexandria will welcome Lydia. They organize a group to head to protect Hilltop from a possible attack of the Whisperers. Daryl and the group travel to Hilltop and meet the Highwaymen that show them the family killed by the Whisperers. They split to look for survivors and Daryl, Carol, Michonne and Yumiko are captured by the Whisperers. Soon Alpha brings Daryl to show a horde of walkers controlled by the Whisperers. Then she tells to Daryl that she has marked the frontier splitting the lands between the communities and the Whisperers. Soon Daryl and his group are released and finds the border on a hill where Alpha has marked the limit of the lands.


43min - An outsider's arrival forces Alexandria to rehash devastating old wounds; eye-opening secrets from the past are revealed.


38min - Daryl and Connie rescue Henry who brings Lydia with him; however they are tracked down by Beta and a group of whisperers. Daryl sees a building and plots a tactic based on a choke point to defeat Beta and his group. Meanwhile Carol and Ezekiel turn a potential threat by a new group calling themselves The Highwaymen into a way to benefit security at the fair.


42min - Michonne's security decisions are questioned by the Alexandria Council that wants to participate of the Kingdom's fair. Negan proposes to be her advisor and Michonne refuses the offer. Daryl and Connie track down Henry while the teenager learns how cruel Alpha is.


39min - Alpha, supported by her group of Whisperers, demands her daughter Lydia and offers Aiden and Luke in exchange for Lydia. Daryl is forced to accept the swap but when he looks for the girl, he learns that Henry has released and escaped from Hilltop with her. Meanwhile Ezekiel and Jerry convince Carol and their group to go to a movie theater crowded of walkers to get the projector lamp to bring to the kingdom to have a theater for the community.


43min - A new arrival at the Hilltop opens up about the leader of a group of mask-wearing savages. A search party sets out on a daring mission to find two missing friends.


48min - Daryl, Michonne and their group capture one "Whisperer" and discover a secret of the new threat. They bring the prisoner and the body of Jesus to Hilltop. Meanwhile Negan flees from his cell and is surprised by Judith while living Alexandria. However she lets him go and he finds how the world is outside the place where he has been locked.


42min - A small rescue mission braves a dangerous herd in their hunt for a missing comrade, only to discover a surprising threat that could doom them all.


41min - Rosita overhears the walkers talking and faints; she is rescued by Aaron and Jesus and taken to Hilltop to be under the care of Enid. They learn that Eugene is alone in a barn and organize a rescue team. Carol brings Henry to meet the lonely Daryl that now has a dog. Michonne, Siddiq and D.J. bring the five survivors to Hilltop in a horse-drawn wagon driven by D.J. but they are attacked by a horde of walkers and have to fight to survive.

Who Are You Now?

52min - When the five survivors arrive in Alexandria, they have a cold reception from the distrustful Michonne. While Siddiq treats the wounded woman, the four others are submitted to the board's query to decide their fate. Meanwhile Carol and Henry are attacked while by group of Saviors led by Jed while driving a horse-drawn wagon to Hilltop. Jed steals her wedding ring and hits Henry that wants to protect his mother. But let them go away without their goods. What will Carol do?

What Comes After

43min - Rick is seriously wounded riding his horse to attract the herd of the walkers far from the communities. Along his journey, he has daydreams with his deceased and living friends that protect him. Meanwhile Maggie arrives in Alexandria and goes to Negan's cell to kill him with a crowbar.

The Obliged

42min - Rick's vision of a civilized future is threatened by a sudden reckoning with past sins that remain unavenged and unforgiven.

Warning Signs

43min - When Justin is found dead and Arat disappears, there is friction in the camp with the Saviors that feel unprotected and suspicious, risking Rick's plans of living again in civilization. Rick teams up with Daryl, Maggie, Carol and a small group to seek out the killer to reduce the tension with the Saviors. While walking with Maggie, Daryl believes his has found out who is killing the Saviors and they head to the location where he believes Arat will be executed.

The Bridge

43min - Maggie sentence Gregory to the gallows and Earl to be imprisoned. Meanwhile the four communities work to restore the bridge to facilitate trade. The Sanctuary is a former factory and is facing difficulties to plant seed since the soil is very poor and there is a beginning of rebellion. Some former Saviors are going missing and the group is scary since they do not have weapons for self-protection.

Episode 1: A New Beginning

55min - Alexandria, The Kingdom, Hilltop and The Sanctuary are living peacefully in the post-apocalyptic world. Rick and a group goes to Washington to scavenge seeds, a wagon and tools in a museum but when they are returning, the young Ken is attacked by a walker and dies. His parents blame Maggie for the death of his beloved son and Gregory manipulates the old couple.