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Episode 16

1h - The stakes keep mounting higher and higher as different stories from the season clash while the group enacts an intricate plan. (S7, Ep16)

Episode 15

43min - Tara discloses to Rick about the arsenal of the Oceanside and Rick and his group heads to the community to take their weapons. Maggie is working at the Hilltop and Gregory lures her telling that he wants to make up with her. Meanwhile the Savior David tries to rape Sasha that is locked in a cell; however Negan surprises the man and kills him. He leaves the dead man inside Sasha's cell and gives a knife to her. Then he proposes Sasha to join the Saviors. Rick and his group attacks Oceanside and take all his guns to fight The Saviors, leaving the community without any weapon.

Episode 14

46min - The Saviors visit the Hilltop unexpectedly, surprising everyone, with plans of taking more than supplies. Daryl's attempts to gear up for war are halted by an emotional encounter. Meanwhile, Sasha and Rosita travel towards Negan's compound.

Episode 13

47min - Carol goes to The Kingdom to question Daryls information to Morgan, regarding the past encounters with The Saviors. Meanwhile, things spiral out of control at The Kingdom, causing Carol and Morgan to make a big decision that will change their future forever.

Episode 12

43min - Rick and Michonne drive a van to scavenge for weapons and supplies to fight Negan and the Saviors. They reach a carnival crowded of walkers, former civilians and military with weapons, and a store plenty of food. They plan to destroy the walkers to take the weapons. Meanwhile Rosita is still shaken and decides to kill Negan at any price, and teams up with Sasha. Tara lives a moral dilemma since she promised the Oceanside community not to tell about their existence.

Episode 11

49min - The coward Eugene is brought to the Savior's Sanctuary and Dwight finds that Daryl has escaped. Negan suspects that Sherry is the responsible and sends Dwight to hunt her down. He does not find Sherry, but discovers a note she wrote to him telling that she had released Daryl. Dwight returns to the Sanctuary and tells that he killed Sherry. Further, he frames Dr. Carson for the escape of Daryl. Meanwhile Eugene decides to cooperate with Negan.

Episode 10

46min - While seeking Father Gabriel out, Rick and his group stumble upon the dangerous gang of Jadis. They have a hard time but Rick succeeds to have their support fighting the Saviors, provide they give weapons and supplies to them. Meanwhile Richard discloses to Daryl his plan to force King Ezekiel to team up with the Alexandrians and the Hilltop to fight the Saviors, But Daryl does not agree. Then he meets Carol at her house.

Episode 9

51min - Father Gabriel brings all the supplies from the pantry to the trunk of his car and leaves Alexandria. Rick, Daryl and their friends meet Jesus and they have a meeting with Gregory in Hilltop to plot to fight the Saviors. Gregory refuses but Enid convinces many people to join their fight. Then Jesus leads the group to Kingdom expecting to convince King Ezekiel to join the Kingdom in their fight and he offers sanctuary to Daryl. On their way back to Alexandria, they find a booby trap on the road planted by the Saviors with many explosives. What will they do?

Episode 8

1h - The psychopath Negan is still in Rick's house shaving and eating with Carl, Olivia and Judith while Spencer gets closer to the Saviors. Carol is visited by Morgan and Richard that bring supplies to her. Richard asks Carol and Morgan to help him to convince Ezequiel to surprise and fight the Saviors before it is too late and The Kingdom is destroyed, but Carol refuses. Meanwhile Rick and Aaron scavenge supplies in a barge in a lake full of walkers. When they reach the barge, they find an ironic note congratulating them for winning. They return to land and while loading the truck, someone watches them. Daryl succeeds from escaping from his cell and tries to flee from the Savior's compound. Michonne is trying to find a way to defeat Negan and the Saviors. Enid learns that Sasha has a secret agenda and does not want Maggie to know. In Alexandria, the weak Spencer meets Negan and asks him to make him the leader his mother was. Rosita takes a decision that will affect the lives of Olivia and Eugene. What will happen to the lead characters? Will they succeed in their intent?

Episode 7

1h 2min - A deeper look at the Sanctuary and the world of the Saviors. Members of Alexandria look for supplies.

Episode 6

49min - Tara and Heath are scavenging and they are attacked by walkers. Tara falls off a bridge and is carried away to the ocean. The teenager Cyndie rescues Tara and let her on the beach with water and fish. However Tara follows her and stumbles upon a mysterious community composed of women only. She sneaks around but is captured and brought to the presence of their leader Natania. What will happen to Tara?

Episode 5

44min - Rick leaves Alexandria to scavenge for Negan and the Saviors. Meanwhile Maggie is recovered by Dr. Carson that asks her to stay with Sasha in Hilltop to rest and be monitored by him. However Gregory protests and asks them to leave the compound on the next morning despite the protests of Jesus. During the night, the Saviors open the gates of Hilltop and leave a locked car with a high volume music to attract the walkers and Sacha, Maggie and Jesus save the residents. Enid decides to leave Alexandria to visit Maggie and she is followed by Carl that has a secret agenda. When they arrive at Hilltop, the Saviors are looting the place. What will Carl do?

Episode 4

1h - Negan and the Saviors come to Alexandria to loot Alexandria and show power over Rick and his group. They take their arsenal, bed, mattresses and other goods from the Alexandrians. When Negan learns that a Glock 9 and a .22 are missing from the inventory, he threatens to kill Livia if the weapons do not appear. Will Rick and his group find the missing guns?

Episode 3

42min - Daryl is kept arrested dirty, wounded, naked and fed by sandwiches of dog food in a dark room and forced to listen to an annoying loud music by Dwight. Meanwhile Dwight is assigned to bring his runaway friend back to Negan's compound. Negan unsuccessfully tries to break Daryl to turn him into another "Negan", offering a comfortable apartment, food and supplies if he works for him. Negan also tells how Dwight was broken by him after stealing medicines for his sister-in-law Tina.

Episode 2

46min - Carol is saved by Morgan and a group riding horse and brought to a place called the Kingdom. When she recovers from the wounds, Morgan brings her to meet the leader of the Kingdom, King Ezekiel, and his tiger Shiva. Carol is skeptic of Ezekiel and tells Morgan that the place is a circus and she will leave the place. When she is sneaking out during the night, she stumbles upon King Ezekiel that tells the story of his life. Meanwhile Morgan goes hunting pigs that are fed with walkers with the residents. What will they do with the pigs?

Episode 1

46min - Rick and his group kneel helplessly before Negan and the Saviors. What Negan does will haunt those who survive forever.