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Episode 10: Death of a Monarchy

55min - In his waning days, Henry proposes a new alliance with France as he looks to shore up his legacy by turning on the religious conservatives around him and ensuring the care of his heir, Prince Edward.

Episode 9: Secrets of the Heart

55min - As the Earl of Surrey seeks to gain influence if King Henry should die, Bishop Gardiner wages a war against Protestant supporters inside the royal court.

Episode 8: As It Should Be

48min - As the siege of Boulogne comes to an end, Henry proudly returns to England, only to face the collapse of his treaty with the Emperor.

Episode 7: Sixth and the Final Wife

51min - Leaving his new wife Catherine in charge in England, Henry leads his army in an invasion of France.

Episode 6: You Have My Permission

47min - The newly single Henry surprises his countrymen by restoring his daughters to the royal succession, forging an unexpected political alliance, and manipulating events to marry an attractive, mature, and recent widow (Joely Richardson).

Episode 5: Bottom of the Pot

53min - The king, devastated to learn of his beloved queen's ribald past and present affairs, banishes her from court as the investigation rounds up and tortures suspects.

Episode 4: Natural Ally

49min - The king's warm welcome in the North reinvigorates him, but his queen's past catches up to her when a former lover appears with threats of blackmail.

Episode 3: Something for You

51min - A more benevolent Henry 8 forgives the citizens of the North for their rebellion against him, while the youthful wife he dotes upon begins a passionate affair with Culpepper.

Episode 2: Sister

53min - As Henry invites Anne of Cleves back into the royal court, and both Surrey and Thomas Seymour pursue an affair with Anne Stanhope,Queen Katherine's wandering eye settles on her husband’s groom, Culpepper.

Episode 1: Moment of Nostalgia

55min - Following the annulment of King Henry VIII's marriage to Anne of Cleves, virtually every man in the court looks on with envy as he immerses himself in his relationship with Katherine Howard, the teenager he’s taken as his new wife. Already upset over being snubbed by the King's daughter, Lady Mary, Katherine is soon surprised by the arrival of Joan Bulmer, an old friend who knows too many...

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