Episode #1.17

Episode #1.16

41min - When Da Silva enters the office he realizes that something is not the same. Manuel da Silva will offer to accompany Sira in his last hours in Lisbon knowing that she has betrayed him. He will try by all means to capture her.

Episode #1.15

48min - Between Sira and Rosalinda draw up a plan to warn Marcus of the danger he is running, but Marcus is more concerned about Sira's safety than his own, since he is tormented by the idea that he is related to someone like Manuel Da Silva. Da Silva organizes a dinner with important Nazi personalities. It is the great opportunity that she was waiting to get the information she needs.

Episode #1.14

Episode #1.13

47min - As part of the mission entrusted to her, Sira will have to travel to Portugal. But without realizing it, on the train will travel another person from his past that could endanger his cover, Marcus Logan. To his surprise, Marcus and Manuel Da Silva know each other and it seems that they could be doing business together.

Episode #1.12

46min - Sira attends the New Year's Eve party at the Casino in Madrid with a client, in which she will meet Gonzalo, her father, who will try to regain his relationship with her. However, a new mission demands her full attention. Hillgarth tells her about a Portuguese businessman who is suspected of playing a double game with Englishmen and Germans, Manuel Da Silva.

Regreso al ayer

Los cuentos que no saben qué contar

45min - Sira is in jeopardy with the reappearance of Ignacio. She returns to her espionage routines and come back to work in the workshop while continuing to gather information about her german clients. The business is increasingly successful and the orders are accumulated. Hillgarth recommends her to hire someone of her trust, she takes the opportunity to contact a person from her past to help her out.

Los fantasmas del pasado

El resto de nuestros días

48min - However, the hopes of a new love are dashed by an arrest warrant against Marcus. The war has ended and with it come important changes in the Spanish Government, among them, the appointment of Beigbeder as the new Minister of Foreign Affairs and Rosalinda will have to leave too. Sira and Rosalinda manage to meet and she entrusts Sira with a mission, she must return to Madrid with a new identity.

Un refugio en mitad de la tormenta


El sol siempre vuelve a salir

Escrito en las estrellas

47min - On Monday, Sira s workshop gets under way and the most important women of Tetuan come to her. Felix, his friendly neighbor, will be one of his great supports. But all that happiness will be affected by unexpected news that will affect her in a way that even she could not foresee, news from her past, Ramiro.

La felicidad de unos cuantos

47min - Sira soon becomes worthy as a seamstress for Candelaria, who sees in her a good chance for her to pay her debts and regain her passport. But Sira just wants to go back to Madrid with her mother. Whit the help of Candelaria and bordering on legality, they manage to get a small amount of money, enough to open a store so Sira can start sewing. She will find peace, stability and her lost joy.

El camino más difícil

43min - In Tangier everything is luxury, waste and parties with the high society people. But a few months after his arrival, everything will change and Sira will be alone in a foreign country where she will discover that destiny is the sum of the decisions we make. Sira is alone in an unknown country, with a large debt and no money or way to return to Spain. But the destiny takes her to Tetuan.

Amor y otras verdades

49min - Sira is a young woman who has spent her entire life working with her mother in Doña Manuela s sewing shop. She meets Ramiro who works in a typewriter shop. Madrid is convulsioning in the previous months of the Civil War and Sira is living a romance with Ramiro. Her mother introduces her to her father, whom she didn t know until that moment and he convinces Sira to go to Tangier