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Episode 9: The Big Leagues

22min - When the Tick and Arthur are invited to join the Legion of Heroes, Captain Liberty sues the exclusive club for discrimination.

Episode 8: The Tick vs. Justice

22min - The Tick, Arthur and Batmanuel are all called to testify at the trial of an evil and intimidating supervillain.

Episode 7: The Funeral

22min - When a famous superhero dies during their sexual tryst, Captain Liberty enlists Batmanuel to don his costume.

Episode 6: Couples

21min - A dysfunctional superhero/sidekick team leads Arthur to question his relationship with The Tick.

Episode 5: Arthur Needs Space

22min - Arthur's chances at dating an old high school classmate are jeopardized by The Tick; Captain Liberty struggles to stop some nude photographs of her from being published.

Episode 4: The License

22min - The need for a superhero license reveals that The Tick doesn't know anything about his past.

Episode 3: Arthur, Interrupted

22min - After his family commits Arthur to a deprogramming facility, it's up to The Tick to rescue him.

Episode 2: The Terror

22min - A superhero known as The Tick recruits an amateur sleuth for his fight against crime.

Episode 1: The Tick: Pilot

21min - Having grown tired and bored with life as a mild mannered accountant, Arthur has decided that it's time for a change. Determined to put all the numbers, deductions and IRA's behind him, he tells his boss, Mr. Fishlighter, that he's giving up accounting in order to pursue a higher calling - being a superhero! And ignoring Fishlighter's warnings about the fate of a previous employee who cashed...