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Episode 10: The Last Stand

43min - In the last ever episode, the gang are forced to take huge risks and make big sacrifices in a final attempt to defeat the Master and save humankind.

Episode 9: The Traitor

42min - The group discover the location of the Master, but threaten to be torn apart by betrayal.

Episode 8: Extraction

39min - The group try to defeat the Master by targeting his human allies.

Episode 7: Ouroboros

43min - As Setrakian fights his ailing health, Desai tries to stop Fet, Quinlan and Roman entering Manhattan with the nuclear warhead.

Episode 6: Tainted Love

39min - Fet and Quinlan plot to get the nuclear bomb to New York, while Zach makes a disappointing discovery about Abby.

Episode 5: Belly of the Beast

46min - Fet and Quinlan have the chance to get their hands on a nuclear weapon. Dutch runs into an old an old acquaintance.

Episode 4: New Horizons

38min - Dutch makes a deal with Desai while she plots a daring escape from a strigoli breeding facility.

Episode 3: One Shot

40min - Quinlan and Fet attempt to steal a nuclear warhead. Meanwhile, Eph and Alex come up with a weapon to use against the strigoli.

Episode 2: The Blood Tax

40min - An imprisoned Dutch battles to escape, while Gus recruits his cousin for a job.

Episode 1: The Worm Turns

43min - As the final season commences, Night Eternal has set in, and Eph leaves New York for a fresh battle in Philadelphia.