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Episode 8: Part VIII

47min - Faced with a choice, Julian seeks Ambrose's advice. The heartbreaking truth about Marin's past finally comes to light.

Episode 7: Part VII

42min - Vera erupts when the police raid Mosswood. Heather and Ambrose break ranks, and their frantic search leads to a surprise.

Episode 6: Part VI

44min - A shocking discovery sends Ambrose to Vera, who opens up about Mosswood's past. Armed with new information, Ambrose ambushes a powerful figure.

The Sinner 5:8

41min - Heather confronts Vera about Julian. As secrets about Mosswood surface, Ambrose crosses a line to get closer to the truth.

The Sinner 4:8

40min - A psychiatric patient's story sends Heather on a hunt for Marin. Ambrose visits Vera at Mosswood and gets a taste of the group's intense "work."

The Sinner 3:8

40min - Julian undergoes a psychological evaluation. Heather's memories of Marin spark a startling revelation. At a party, Ambrose is haunted by flashbacks.

The Sinner 2:8

40min - Ambrose and Heather question Vera and learn she lives at Mosswood Grove, a controversial commune. Terrifying visions plague Julian in foster care.

The Sinner 1:8

44min - When a young boy confesses to murdering his parents, Detective Harry Ambrose returns to his hometown to help local police unpack the baffling case.