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Episode 6: Showtime At The Apollo

43min - This theater is said to be the most haunted building in the entire Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia. Although the theater itself dates from the mid 1900s, the site was home to a notorious brothel/tavern for many years prior. Plus, the mischievous "George," said to be a former manager who was killed here, likes to make his presence known.

Episode 5: Fear House

43min - This well-preserved historic site is the home of Adam Stephen, the founder of Martinsburg. Activity is common, including doors opening and closing on their own and objects being moved by an unseen presence on a nearly daily basis. But possibly the most intriguing feature of this location involves the mysterious tunnels beneath the house.

Episode 4: Spirit Journeys

43min - Ramblewood is a once beautiful mansion, built by the Worthington family who were Quakers and staunch abolitionists in the years leading up to the American Civil War. Sherry and Mark encounter the spirit of Nathan, a former slave and associate of famed anti-slavery crusader Harriet Tubman, in the basement.

Episode 3: A Gathering Of Ghosts

43min - Once the most elegant hotel in the Eastern Panhandle, this former hotel still maintains some of its original grace and beauty. But as time continues its relentless passage, more and more of the guests who check in here are not among the living. And apparently they don't check out - ever.

Episode 2: A Ghostly Night In London Town

43min - The team explores one of the oldest settlements in the US. London Town and Gardens dates from 1683 and was populated by merchants, sailors, and slaves. In this episode, Mark and Amelia experience separate - but equally chilling - sessions in the Lord Mayor's Tenement building, while Sherry sees an apparition in the William Brown House.

Episode 1: Paranormal Plantation

43min - New investigators Golda and Nishant join the team and endure a baptism by fire as the spirits make contact with each of them in totally unexpected ways. Golda, an African American, asks the tough questions about slavery and race and gets an unexpected answer from Henry, a former slave on this beautiful plantation. Family members, including Anna who died here in 1883, make their presence known.

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