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Episode 13: Nippi: "Iskwew"

21min - The team try to gain control of a harrowing situation and help a family who feel like they are plagued by a dark soul that clung to them after a tragic accident. Things get real when objects start flying.

Episode 12: Atlas Mines Part 2: "We All Loved You"

21min - The team continues the investigation of the mine. They stumble upon the office of the former manager. The spirit of the deceased boss has a secret to hide and will make it very clear that he doesn't want the team to figure it out.

Episode 11: Atlas Mines Part 1: "I Can't Go In There"

21min - The Atlas Coal Mine, an impressive location steeped in darkness and desperation. Death, corruption, prostitution, and violence are all part of the mines history. With the death toll coming in at over 200 people, the team has their work cut out for them.

Episode 10: Kerrobert: "Jill? Jilly? Jillian?"

21min - There's a strange vibe in this town. The team decided there's a secret here or a lot of them. Jeff risks physical injury, while Priscilla wrestles with fear when they explore an old courthouse in a town with a dark past.

Episode 9: Duck Lake Part 2

21min - The investigation of Duck Lake continues. The team makes contact with ghosts of the past who seem to prefer communication with "old time" technology like the pendulum and the Ouiji board.

Episode 8: Duck Lake Part 1: "That's the Sound"

21min - While crawling around in holes and touring an old cemetery, Jeff and his team weave together a tale of rebellion, murder and a tragic death by fire in a small town.

Episode 7: Gladeau: "This Is My Home"

21min - After investigating the Moosehead, the team moves on to the Gladeau's house. Here they hope to help a family who believe that their home is haunted by the ghosts of previous owners.

Episode 6: Moosehead: "Give Us a Sign, Please"

21min - From stolen glasses to levitating desks,the Moosehead Inn has been thriving with supernatural activity since the 1990's. The team visit to see if they can finally document some of the strange occurrences at this haunted nightclub.

Episode 5: Western Development Museums Revisited: "Was That You In My Dream?"

21min - The team is back at the Western Development Museum where they contacted a lost young boy. Since the investigation, they have been being stalked by an aggressive spirit who has been inflicting both mental and physical damage to the team. It is time for the team to confront it.

Episode 4: North Battleford Part 2: "Harold?"

21min - The team rely on traditional beliefs when helping the spirit of a young boy move on to the afterlife. They also believe they are being followed. Is it the peaceful spirit of the young boy, or something much more sinister?

Episode 3: North Battleford Part 1: "Your Name Is Lucifer?"

21min - Personal relationships and individual beliefs of the team or reaching a breaking point. Will the tension become too overwhelming as they investigate the existence of the spirit of a young boy.

Episode 2: Western Development Museum: "That's For Sure"

21min - Jeff and the team visit the Western Development Museum in Saskatoon, Sask., to investigate claims that the building is haunted by the spirit of a little boy who can't find his parents.

Episode 1: Bekevar: "That Wasn't Me"

21min - A young caretaker at Bekevar Presbyterian Church in Kipling, Sask., claims he encountered a ghostly visitor in the premiere of this reality series about a team of paranormal investigators who travel throughout Canada.

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