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Episode 8: Everything. Anything.

55min - As June copes with the news of Harry's absence, John snoops around Halvorson's office, and a surprise visitor sets a fateful showdown in motion.

Episode 7: Will You Take Me Too?

53min - June travels to Sanctum, determined to find out why her mother left home. Harry and John set their differences aside for a rescue mission.

Episode 6: Not the Only Freak in Town

45min - The footage from the Pennines Five case pushes Harry over the edge. Halvorson arrives in London with an unwelcome surprise for Steinar.

Episode 5: Passionate Amateur

53min - A viral video leads June to a fellow shifter who offers to be her mentor, stoking tensions with Harry. Christine makes a startling discovery.

Episode 4: Deborah

52min - June's next shift yields new discoveries about the extent of her powers. Alf begins to question Steinar's intentions. Runa's jealousy boils over.

Episode 3: Bubblegum & Bleach

45min - While John and Ryan race to London, a sympathetic stranger offers Harry and June a place to crash -- and a way to make easy money on the club circuit.

Episode 2: Keep Calm, Come to No Harm

53min - As a shellshocked June and Harry try to understand what's happening, their parents realize they've gone missing. Dr. Halvorson runs tests on Elena.

Episode 1: The Start of Us

45min - Eager to escape her controlling dad, June prepares to skip town with boyfriend Harry. But a harrowing encounter upends their plans.