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Episode 13: Whenever You're Ready

54min - Michael works with the Joint Council of Afterlife Affairs to smooth out kinks in the system. Jason and Tahani move on. Eleanor tries to influence Chidi.

Episode 12: Patty

22min - Arriving at a new place, Michael receives an unexpected honor. Meanwhile, the rest of the group explores — and learns a shocking truth.

Episode 11: Mondays, Am I Right?

22min - While the humans search for test candidates, Michael trains a group of architects. Eleanor doesn't want Chidi to learn too much about her past.

Episode 10: You've Changed, Man

22min - The group scrambles to devise a new afterlife system that the Good and Bad Places can agree on before it's too late. Chidi has a newfound confidence.

Episode 9: The Answer

22min - With time running out to find answers, Chidi must sort through his life -- and afterlives -- before he can provide the help everyone needs.

Episode 8: The Funerals To End All Funerals

22min - As the Judge hears Michael and Shawn's arguments about the results of the experiment, Janet and the humans give each other the funerals they deserved.

Episode 7: Help is Other People

22min - With one day left in the year, Simone reveals that she's suspicious about the neighborhood -- and her investigation could derail the entire experiment.

Episode 6: A Chip Driver Mystery

22min - After Brent writes an offensive book, Eleanor, Michael and the others try to help him evolve. One of the humans discovers Jason's true identity.

Episode 5: Employee of the Bearimy

22min - Michael and Jason sneak into Demon-Con. Left in charge of the neighborhood, Eleanor copes with Derek's ineptitude and Tahani's dissatisfaction.

Episode 4: Tinker, Tailor, Demon, Spy

22min - As the group deals with a frustrating lack of progress, a visitor arrives and makes a shocking claim that causes them to question who can be trusted.

Episode 3: Chillaxing

22min - Chidi's too relaxed, so Eleanor and Michael create tension in his life to force him to become a better person. Tahani invites John to a spa day.

Episode 2: A Girl From Arizona - Part 2

22min - Eleanor and Michael pull out all the stops to try to help Brent become a better person. Tahani and Janet have concerns about Eleanor's leadership.

Episode 1: A Girl From Arizona - Part 1

23min - As humans arrive in the new neighborhood, Michael and the group try to understand what makes them tick. Eleanor and Jason both deal with jealousy.