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Episode 13: Säsongsavslutning - Sierra Maestra

41min - Tal heads to Cuba to carry out his plan to attack the secret CIA detention centre Sierra Maestra. It is not long before he is joined by Shepherd - but is she there as a friend or foe?

Episode 12: Sequestered

41min - Keaton and his team stop the assassination of a high-profile congresswoman.

Episode 11: The Embassy

40min - The team go undercover when a Tal operative seeks refuge in the Swiss embassy. However, things do not go to plan.

Episode 10: Chigorin

41min - Shepherd and Keaton hunt for the man responsible for bringing down Laine's plane.

Episode 9: Homecoming

40min - When one of Tal's operative escapes CIA custody, Shepherd returns to Langley for the first time since her arrest.

Episode 8: An Offer

41min - A flashback to 2015 reveals more about the circumstances that led to Shepherd's current incarceration.

Episode 7: Decoded

40min - Shepherd goes undercover and Keaton faces a tough moral dilemma.

Episode 6: Eye Of Horus

40min - The team must find a way to break a suspect in order to stop a horrific attack.

Episode 5: Havana

41min - Shepherd convinces Keaton that Cruz is the mole, so the team hatch a plan that they hope will lead them to Tal.

Episode 4: Confessions

41min - The team join a manhunt for a dangerous assassin.

Episode 3: The Ambassador's Wife

40min - When an ambassador is suspected of selling state secrets, his wife is forced to help the FBI.

Episode 2: Black Bear

Episode 1: Pilot