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Episode 51

58min - Ta Hwan distrusts Golta’s medicine, and his growing paranoia only hastens his breakdown. Seung-nyang has her suspicions, but her survival is in doubt.

Episode 50

58min - Ta Hwan beheads Dang Ki-se for knowing Ma-ha’s parentage. He vows to kill all who know, in order to save Seung-nyang ... even Wang Yoo.

Episode 49

58min - Ta Hwan blames Seung-nyang for taking Baek-ahn’s life, and becomes even more unstable. He then threatens the retainers into pledging allegiance.

Episode 48

58min - Lady Seo attempts to tell Ta Hwan of Ma-ha’s parentage. When Ta Hwan falls ill, Seung-nyang moves him to her part of the palace to care for him.

Episode 47

59min - Ta Hwan is driven to drink. The retainers push for Baek-ahn’s dismissal, but he gains Ta Hwan’s trust. Wang Yoo plans to bring Ma-ha to Goryeo.

Episode 46

59min - Word is out that Ma-ha is not the child of Ta Hwan and Tanashilli, and he is cast out. After losing Yeon Bi-soo, Wang Yoo learns Ma-ha is his child.

Episode 45

59min - Ta Hwan is enraged at being asked to nominate a crown prince. The Empress pushes for Ma-ha, but Ta Hwan refuses. Ma-ha’s parentage becomes known.

Episode 44

59min - The dethroned Wang Yoo is brought to Yuan, and the Empress pressures Ta Hwan to execute him. Ta Hwan takes action to save Seung-nyang’s life.

Episode 43

59min - Yuan’s losses mount, and the Empress turns public anger toward Wang Yoo in order to dethrone him. What will Wang Yoo’s fate be?

Episode 42

59min - The reinstated Wang Yoo starts a revolt. Despite Seung-nyang’s pleas, Ta Hwan begins a war of suppression. The losses gradually get to Ta Hwan.

Episode 41

59min - Seung-nyang uncovers the location of the secret funds. She comes up with a plan to reach them before Baek-ahn, and the race to retrieve them begins.

Episode 40

59min - Seung-nyang searches for the secret funds. She asks for Wang Yoo’s help, but is not sure he can solve the puzzle. Threats of invasion abound.

Episode 39

59min - Seung-nyang obtains documents about Yeon-chul's secret funds, starting a war for their possession. Poison is found in food she gives to the prince.

Episode 38

59min - Yeon-chul is executed, leaving Seung-nyang feeling her father’s death is avenged. As she prepares to be empress, another battle begins.

Episode 37

59min - Ta Hwan prepares to fight to the death. Wang Yoo’s garrison fights against Yeon-chul’s men. Yeon-chul orders the deaths of Seong-nyang and Ta Hwan.

Episode 36

59min - The nun claims Ma-ha is not Tanashilli’s son. Tanashilli searches desperately for the nun. Ta Hwan raises an army to defeat Yeon-chul.

Episode 35

59min - Seung-nyang gives birth to a son. Prince Ma-ha begins to look strange, and Yeon-chul descends into confusion. A nun with secret knowledge appears.

Episode 34

59min - Tanashilli’s hatred of Seung-nyang intensifies, leading her to cast a curse. Wang Yoo attempts to take control of the garrison to counter Yeon-chul.

Episode 33

58min - Seung-nyang and Ta Hwan escape the trap set in the mountains, but Tanashilli corners them. Wang Yoo risks his life to let Seung-nyang escape.

Episode 32

58min - Ta Hwan becomes determined to take back control, and even be accepted as the true emperor. Tanashilli becomes murderous after being hurt by Wang Yoo.

Episode 31

59min - Seung-nyang is given the account book proving Yeon-chul’s misdeeds. The Empress begins to doubt Prince Ma-ha’s parentage.

Episode 30

59min - Tanashilli is chased out of the palace, vowing revenge on Seung-nyang and the empress. Wang Yoo succeeds in cracking the code in the account book.

Episode 29

59min - Seung-nyang corners Tanashilli. Wang Yoo learns that Seung-nyang is Ta Hwan’s concubine and gets his hands on an account book of the merchants’ group.

Episode 28

59min - Seung-nyang is locked in the library, but her lack of reaction further spurs on Tanashilli. Wang Yoo learns a secret about the merchants’ group.

Episode 27

59min - Seung-nyang makes Ta Hwan look hedonistic to hide his learning to read, increasing Tanashilli’s jealousy. Wang Yoo finds out Seung-nyang is alive.

Episode 26

59min - Seung-nyang is selected as a concubine. Tanashilli bullies her out of jealousy. Ta Hwan vows revenge on Yeon-chul after finding the emperor’s message.

Episode 25

1h 1min - Ta Hwan is shocked to find Seung-nyang among his concubines; she tells him it is in order to defeat Yeon-chul. Wang Yoo’s wedding concludes.

Episode 24

59min - The captured Seung-nyang finds a message hidden in Lady Noh’s mirror. Wang Yoo grieves over Seung-nyang’s death. Yeon-chul offers him his niece.

Episode 23

59min - Seung-nyang flees the raid and gives birth in a cave, but is caught while on the run with her child. Rumors of fake currency spread in Goryeo.

Episode 22

59min - Lady Noh tells an ailing Seung-nyang she’s pregnant, but Seung-nyang refuses to believe it. Wang Yoo starts investigating fake currency in Goryeo.