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Episode 6: Halloween Tricks & Treats

25min - No spooky fete is complete without shrunken-head cookies, a ginger-dead house and an army of edible spiders. But no one's expecting an uninvited guest.

Episode 5: A Cake for Rose

27min - It's Rose's birthday, and Christine's planning a surprise party with cake, fairy batwings -- and the present of Rose's dreams.

Episode 4: A Spirited Tea Party

24min - Christine summons deliciousness with a shortbread spirit board cookie before hosting a tea party for her visiting cousin on a dark and stormy night.

Episode 3: The Dinner Date

26min - A handsome suitor is coming to dinner, and Christine's cooking chicken pot pie -- and sewing a dress! But first: It's time to make wolf-claw donuts.

Episode 2: Gifts for Nosy Neighbors

28min - A grumpy neighbor inspires Christine to make eerie cookies, peppermint bark horns and hand-carved candles to tuck inside twisted gift baskets.

Episode 1: Snacks for Strays

26min - Christine adds a new member to her peculiar household and makes peanut butter pretzel bones, an edible cake mansion and a creature out of cereal treats.