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Episode 14

1h - The final two families face off in a high-stakes showdown, creating a three-course extravaganza with big flavors that are worthy of a win.

Episode 13

1h - Two families fight to secure the last spot in the finals with a French trimmed 'roast in a rush' and a colorful cake for a children's birthday bash.

Episode 12

1h - The three surviving families move forward to finals week where a series of cooking challenges set by Tommy and Angellica await.

Episode 11

1h - After a series of fiery heats, just four of the 16 families remain. To advance, they must re-create a fish stew and make the most of a whole salmon.

Episode 10

1h - The four best families from earlier rounds face off in a duck-themed pick 'n' mix, then pull out all the stops to craft a glorious treat-night feast.

Episode 9

1h - One lucky cook from each family must bake a shepherd's pie before joining their clan to make a multicourse meal with smoked haddock and chocolate.

Episode 8

1h - The judges welcome four new families and ask them to make a one-pot wonder for just 10 quid, then serve up their take on traditional fish cakes.

Episode 7

1h - One member from each family steps forward to make a savory chicken Kiev. Then the clans reunite to cook goat cheese and passion fruit.

Episode 6

1h - Four new families hit the kitchen for a £10 comfort-food challenge before moving on to make breakfast with a tasty twist.

Episode 5

1h - The four families who survived earlier heats go head to head on a pick 'n' mix challenge with celeriac before making an indulgent treat-night meal.

Episode 4

1h - An individual challenge to make lemon meringue pie tests the contestants' pastry skills. Later on, they cook a two-course meal with lamb and almonds.

Episode 3

1h - After cooking a £10 meal using frozen ingredients, four new families put a fresh spin on a British classic: fish and chips.

Episode 2

1h - One family member steps forward to bake a salted caramel chocolate tart. Then it's a team effort to make a two-course meal with oats and beetroot.

Episode 1

1h - Four families hungry to win take on a £10 brunch challenge with surprise ingredients before serving up a fresh pasta bake.