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Episode 8

59min - It is the time of final reckoning. James Delaney confronts Sir Stuart Strange of the East India Company with the cold, hard truth. Revelations about those surrounding him are unearthed and met with deadly ramifications. Meanwhile, James conspires to escape, but as the cold enmity of the Prince Regent turns into a lethal fury, the Crown unleashes one final plan to destroy him. Time is running out, scores need to be settled and tragic consequences must be borne.

Episode 7

59min - James Delaney has seemingly lost everything but, when he suffers a devastating betrayal, he realises even his freedom is in jeopardy. Armed with the opportunity they have been longing for, the Crown and Company conspire to bring him down once and for all. Elsewhere, Lorna sets out to discover the truth, whilst Zilpha perhaps has already found her own.

Episode 6

59min - As James Delaney's trading plans start to unravel, a family revelation drives him into dark and haunted places. Meanwhile, at the East India Company, a frustrated Sir Stuart Strange calls for all-out war against James, threatening to destroy all he has built. As James reacts to this upsurge of chaos, things take a dire turn.

Episode 5

59min - It is literally pistols at dawn for Thorne and James, the latter triumphing but humiliating his brother -in-law, who goes to horrifying lengths to 'cure' Zilpha of her desires for her half-brother. James discovers that his collaborators stole the makings of his gunpowder from the East India Company but that it was rightfully Crown property, setting in motion animosity between the company and the Prince Regent, who is now anxious to support freed man George Chichester's accusation that the company deliberately sank a slave ship, drowning its human cargo. James meanwhile is desirous of proof that his father aimed to give the Nootka Indians gunpowder to allow a trade with the Chinese for their tea. He also finds out what the Countess Musgrave wants.

Episode 4

59min - The Crown makes a devious move against James Delaney, while the Company has its own reasons for frustrating the plot. As London begins closing its doors to him, James sets out to protect his business by any means necessary. With empire and mayhem in mind, James adds depraved chemist Cholmondeley to his company with explosive consequences. Meanwhile, Lorna aims to prove she's anything but a weak link, while buried secrets become a matter of yet more intrigue and violence.

Episode 3

59min - James is rescued from an attack on his life by Dr Dumbarton, to whom he repeats his request for an audience with Thomas Jefferson to sanction his claim to Nootka Sound, so that he can use it for a trading base with the Chinese. He also foils Strange by presenting him with a will bequeathing the land to the American Government, forcing the East India Company to keep him alive. He writes to Zilpha, offering her a half share in the inheritance but she is unresponsive Lorna persists in her claim to Nootka through her marriage to James' father. Thorne pays James a cryptic visit, demonstrating his power over Zilpha. Delaney saves Lorna from being molested by the Duke of Richmond.

Episode 2

59min - Strange orders James' death but James himself sets about re-establishing his father's trading company, approaching smuggler Atticus and his gang and escaping an attempt on his life, allegedly ordered by Helga, which she denies. Recalling the last moments of the sinking slave ship he seeks out the American Dr Dumbarton to arrange a meeting with the American president but is refused. He visits Mr Thoyt, who warns him about the East India's influence, to hear the public reading of his father Horace's will, paying off all his father's debts. A shock is in store in the arrival of actress Lorna Bow, who claims to have married Horace and there is another shock when he foils another would-be killer.

Episode 1

59min - In 1814 James Delaney returns to London for his father's funeral, stunning the mourners, particularly his half-sister Zilpha Geary and her husband Thorne, who believed he drowned with a slave ship off the African coast. Family solicitor Robert Thoyt informs him that he is the sole heir and whilst his father's servant Brace is pleased to see him brothel madam Helga, who has turned the family offices into a bordello, is not and nor are the Gearys, who hope to buy him off. Most hostile of all are Sir Stuart Strange and the East India Company who dispute James' legacy of land in Canada, claiming it is crucial to England in its war with America. They suggest buying it from him but he refuses, making enemies of them.