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Vendetta: Part 10

49min - It's never been more personal. Section 20 embark on their final-ever mission as they fight to stop Arianna Demachi's plans of expansion across Europe.

Vendetta: Part 9

45min - CIA operative Carolyn Fortier convinces Section 20 to bring in their soldier alive and safe, but the mission goes wrong when Russian military arrives.

Vendetta: Part 8

46min - Section 20 successfully destroys the Albanian Mafia's weapons stash, but can they get the truth out of Zayef before it's too late?

Vendetta: Part 7

45min - Section 20 are sent on a military mission to Bosnia to grab a jihadi financier who could lead them to Zayef Hajdari.

Episode 6: Strike Back: Vendetta 6

46min - Mac's life outside of the army might seem happy, but the emotional strain of what happened in Munich starts to take a heavy toll.

Episode 5: Strike Back: Vendetta 5

45min - The team race to stop Zayef from terrorist attack that could kill thousands. For Mac, the mission has never been more personal.

Vendetta: Part 4

45min - Novin is in danger, but saving their soldier isn't Section 20's only mission. The enemy is closing in on the cyberweapon. Fast.

Vendetta: Part 3

45min - The team run into an old ally as they're thrown headlong into a dangerous race to stop the cyberweapon falling into Jihadist hands.

Vendetta: Part 2

44min - A double cross turns an already dangerous mission deadly as Section 20 board an enemy-packed train to stop the bioweapon's sale.

Vendetta: Part 1

46min - Section 20 are thrown back into combat when a seemingly-straightforward rescue mission unleashes a conspiracy.