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Episode 6: Lock, Choc, and Flying Hogs

39min - Horribly hungover from trying the doctor's experimental alcohol, the crew are helpless against the hologram's nefarious machinations. It's up to the janitor to save the day - if he can.

Episode 5: Plug and Play

26min - While the officers hunt for Reptids in a night club on earth, the ship's hologram attempts take over the Nemesis, which is being hunted by bounty hunters.

Episode 4: Reboot

26min - The arrival of a hybrid traveler from the future causes the Nemesis to crash beyond all hope of repair in an icy waste. The doctor's plan to found their own colony seems the only option for survival.

Episode 3: Kill Jill

25min - Their moods and behaviour becoming ever more erratic, the crew 'port to Earth to find an ancient being who might have information that could help them.

Episode 2: Lucy in the Sky

26min - As the effects of the biological weapon cause their emotions to overwhelm them, the crew encounter a hunky smuggler whose sidekick causes hallucinations.

Episode 1: Disordered

26min - The human dreadnought Nemesis goes back in time to the 21st century to stop the Reptid mothership unleashing a weapon that would restore human emotion -- unknowingly taking the weapon with them.

Episode 0