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Enemy at the Gate

Atlantis rushes to destroy an advanced Wraith hive ship before it presents a threat to Earth.


Detective John Sheppard attempts to solve a string of unusual murders in Las Vegas.


Dr. Jennifer Keller wakes to find her consciousness inside the body of a notorious thief who has been sentenced to death for her crimes.


Atlantis receives a distress signal from a hive ship and discovers that all the Wraith on board have placed themselves in stasis, the victims of a lethal affliction.

Brain Storm

Dr. Keller accompanies Dr. McKay to Earth to attend a top secret scientific demonstration by McKay's former rival.


While Richard Woolsey struggles to keep his position as the leader of Atlantis, and McKay and Zelenka investigate a mysterious find, Sheppard is captured by an old enemy with plans to invade the city.

The Prodigal

An old foe, bent on revenge, infiltrates the Gate Room to take control of Atlantis.



Col. John Sheppard and his team, aided by Dr. Carson Beckett, struggle to save survivors of the Hoffan plague from being sacrificed to the Wraith.

The Lost Tribe

First Contact


With Hunter Wraith in close pursuit, only Ronan's uncommon skills as a former Runner may save a kidnapped Dr. Keller.

The Queen

Teyla risks her life on a daring mission aboard a wraith hive ship.


While exploring an abandoned catacomb on an unexplored planet, an Atlantis away team uncovers one of Michael's secret labs.

The Shrine

"The Shrine" is the 86th of the science fiction television series Stargate Atlantis and is the sixth episode in its fifth season. The episode is also the 300th produced episode in the overall Stargate franchise. The episode first aired on August 22, 2008 on the Sci Fi Channel in the United States, and subsequently aired on October 23 on Sky1 in the United Kingdom. The episode was nominated for a Nebula Award, and a further four Leo Awards. The episode focuses on Dr. Rodney McKay, who has been infected with a disease known as "Second Childhood", which is considered the Pegasus equivalent of fast on-set Alzheimer's disease, where he quickly reverts to a childlike state. The only way for the team to save him is to send him to a shrine on the planet of Talus, which has since turned into a Wraith outpost.

Ghost in the Machine

A mysterious entity causes crippling havoc within the city's computer systems.

The Daedalus Variations

A drive malfunction aboard a mysterious duplicate Daedalus sends the team jumping through various alternate realities where they encounter sinister alien life forms, a searing sun, and a pitched space battle over Atlantis.

Broken Ties

Ronon is captured by his former friend, Tyre, and turned over to the wraith. As the team scrambles for leads, Ronon undergoes a torturous ordeal.

The Seed

When a mysterious alien organism takes Dr. Keller as its host, Beckett and the crew desperately search for a serum to save her from the evolving intruder before it can infiltrate Atlantis.

Search and Rescue