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Episode 14: Such Sweet Sorrow, Pt. 2

1h 5min - As a new time suit takes shape, Spock and Michael come to an understanding, while Captain Pike faces overwhelming forces and narrowing options.

Episode 13: Such Sweet Sorrow

48min - With a Section 31 fleet bearing down on them, the Discovery crew abandons ship while Michael proposes what she expects to be her final mission.

Episode 12: Through the Valley of Shadows

46min - Another signal draws the Discovery to the Klingon planet Boreth and a precious resource found there that gives Pike a shocking glimpse of his future.

Episode 11: Perpetual Infinity

49min - Starfleet fights to block the artificial intelligence Control from seizing the Sphere data -- a course of action that will have a devastating outcome.

Episode 10: The Red Angel

48min - After a startling revelation about the origins of the Red Angel, the Discovery crew devises a plan to capture the entity -- by risking Michael's life.

Episode 9: Project Daedalus

53min - Admiral Cornwell enlists the Discovery crew in arresting a leader of Section 31, while Spock tries to understand why the Red Angel targeted him.

Episode 8: If Memory Serves

54min - Burnham takes Spock to the restricted planet Talos IV, hoping its mysterious residents can restore her brother's mind. Pike defies Section 31.

Episode 7: Light and Shadows

40min - Burnham travels to Vulcan looking for Spock while Pike teams up with Tyler to investigate a time-displacement phenomenon left in the Red Angel's wake.

Episode 6: The Sound of Thunder

56min - A new red burst appears near Saru's homeworld of Kaminar, forcing the Discovery into a confrontation with the Ba'ul, the planet's dominant species.

Episode 5: Saints of Imperfection

52min - Discovery attempts a dangerous mission to rescue Tilly from the mycelial network, with assistance from some old friends now serving in Section 31.

Episode 4: An Obol For Charon

51min - Discovery is trapped by a sphere that may be intelligent, while a physical transformation overwhelms Saru, and Tilly is seized by a hostile life form.

Episode 3: Point of Light

49min - Turmoil on the Klingon homeworld requires the intervention of a secretive Starfleet order, while Burnham hosts a family member in search of answers.

Episode 2: New Eden

44min - A new signal lures the Discovery to a distant planet that is inhabited by the descendants of human survivors from a war on Earth centuries earlier.

Episode 1: Brother

1h - Strange energy bursts from the galaxy's edge compel Starfleet to assign Captain Christopher Pike to take command of Discovery and investigate.