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26min - Tim, Daisy, Mike and Brian go into panic mode when they learn that Marsha plans to sell the flat. Meanwhile, Sophie is offered a job at Marvel Comics in Seattle.


26min - Marsha, who still thinks that Tim and Daisy are a couple, becomes suspicious when she sees Tim kissing and flirting with Sophie.


25min - Sophie calls off a date with Tim at the last minute, citing that she has to work late. Having experienced the same thing with his last girlfriend who left him for her boss and his best friend, Tim begins to freak out.


25min - Damian Knox, president of Darkstar Comics, asks for Tim's portfolio in search of a new idea. After realizing that he's left a demeaning sketch of Knox in the portfolio, Tim must race against time to intercept it.


25min - When Tim and Mike make it to the quarter finals of "Robot Wars," a rival team sabotages their robot. Meanwhile, Brian accidentally knocks himself out at an art installation and becomes part of the display.


25min - Still struggling with feelings of disappointment after seeing the new "Star Wars" movie, Tim is rude to a customer and loses his job at Fantasy Bazaar.


24min - Daisy returns from her holiday in Asia, unaware that there are two suited men on her trail. When the gang heads to the pub, a showdown takes place.