Rebirth of Planets

19min - With the sacrifice of Cosmo, Dark Oak has finally been destroyed. The crew mourns the loss of Cosmo though they are quickly faced with another trouble as the Planet Egg begins to release its explosive energy.

Cosmo's Work

Worries for Sonic

21min - With Sonic being knocked down to Planet Aqurius and Dark Oak still continuing the evolution to its final form, Knuckles and team come up with a plan to cut off Dark Oak's energy by firing the Master Emerald at Metarex.

The Day of the Plantations

The Lost Planet

What Is Reaching Out to Shadow?

19min - Shadow breaches Blue Typhoon, appearing in Cosmo's room. As he knocks Sonic and Chris unconscious, Shadow goes after Cosmo whom Tails has taken away to safety.

Who Are the Metarex?

19min - Blue Typhoon is under attack by Yellow Zelkova who is equipped with a special energy shield built by Dr. Eggman. Sonic and his crew are sent crashing down to a nearby planet where Knuckles and Sonic attempt to destroy the powerful weapon.

An Unbelievable Hand Blow

19min - Chaotix still aren't able to find their home. Upon taking a wrong turn in space, they've landed on a planet where they are now running a café in order to raise money for the ship's repair. All seems to be going (relatively) well when Dr. Eggman shows up with an offer of reward for Sonic and his crew's capture.

The Fatal Whirlwind

The Planet Marmolim

20min - Sonic finds a meteor in space while on search for another Chaos Emerald. When Tails brings the meteor in, they discover it to be a space ship with small Chao-like creatures aboard.

The Dream of Molly

20min - When Shadow destroys the fleet of Metarex and saves Molly inadvertently, he and Dr. Eggman are welcomed by the revolutionaries against Metarex. Attempting to capitalize on their gratitude, Dr. Eggman decides to take the planet's Chaos Emerald.

The Black Trap

Critical Situation

20min - Despite not knowing how it might affect Chris, the crew decide to travel through Intergalactic Cloister in hopes of reaching Metarex. The intense distortions inside the cloister knock everyone out.

Celebration Aboard the Typhoon

20min - As Amy wonders about fate of Shadow and the rest of the crew begin to fix things up around Blue Typhoon, they come across a Chaotix ship who had been drifting in space since they last made their delivery to Chris.

Sonic vs. Shadow

The Base of Metarex

20min - Discovering that the last two Chaos Emeralds are inside a Metarex fortress, Dr. Eggman suggests a truce between him and Sonic to work against their common foe.

The Journey from the Milestone

The Vessel of Evil

Shadow Has Returned?!

21min - Rouge, aboard Crimson Egg, makes a discovery of a secret room that carries a strange capsule powered by a Chaos Emerald. Much to her surprise she discovers that Shadow is hibernating inside.

Chaotix Journey to Space.

Young Girl's Jungle Trap

21min - In pursuit of Metarex who had stolen Planet egg on a jungle planet, Sonic gets thrown down to the planet. Worried Amy, Cosmo, Cream, and Cheese organize a search party in order to find Sonic.

Fight at the Ice Palace

21min - Continuing the search for Chaos Emeralds, Sonic, and soon after Dr. Eggman, heads for Planet Breezy but is faced with an attack from Metarex.

Eggman Enters Into the War!

The Water Planet, Hydoo

21min - As Sonic continues his journey aboard Blue Typhoon for the Chaos Emerald, they arrive on Planet Secco, a planet that's supposed to be bone dry and yet is now filled with water.

The Space Ship Blue Typhoon

A Messenger from Meteoric Shower

21min - Sonic activates Chaos Control in his battle against Dark Oak, most formidable enemy he's faced thus far, to scatter the Emeralds across the galaxy. Meanwhile, Tails, Amy, and Cream encounter a spaceship that's crashlanded to their planet during a meteoer shower.

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